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Drop down List Items Limites to 500?



I have a Drop down list Items Property to a collection. The collection has more than 600 rows. The drop down list only shows the first 500 items and gives me an message "Maximum number of items reached". What can I do?


I had the same issues, I have less than 800 items on my list, and i did the following:

1. I used dropdown, but it only displayed about 600 items

2. I adjusted the limit to 2000, then it said "maximum number of items reached" at the bottom of the list.

3. I changed it into a combo box (single selection only), now all items are visible in the list, but when I click my save button with formula SubmitForm(EditCreateForm);Navigate(GalleryScreen,ScreenTransition.None), it didn't navigate to the GalleryScreen. I cancelled it, but then I saw the data was actually saved. 

4. I selected the item and tried to edit it. When it went to the edit screen, the combo box was reset. But when I go back to the display item screen, the data is still there.

5. I have been trying to put DefaultselectedItems (e.g. Parent.Default, Lookups,etc), but it keeps giving me an error saying "The property expects table values, but this rule produces incompatible number values"


So looks like I have 2 problems:

1. EditForm save button doesn't navigate to the right screen when selected. From what I gathered, this might be caused by the combo box being in the form.

2. Combo box default selected item needs to be set. 


Can someone help?

Can you tell me why a combobox is limited to the app row limit when a SharePoint list is the datasource, even without any operators in the Items formula? We just have SharePointListName.ColumnName. 


Trying to create a consistent interface on a gallery with filtering each column (using a combobox).

Understand this is an older post, but we implemented a combobox to enable search/single-select from a list of account numbers.  The formula being used in the ComboBox Items is Sort(Distinct(MyDataSource,MyFieldName),Result,Ascending)


The SharePoint list its pulling from contains ~2300 items.  The field names being fed to the ComboBox are generally unique, meaning the distinct values are effectively all values.  I can find no documentation that indicates a limit on ComboBox items. I've also tried peeling off both the SORT and the DISTINCT elements of the formula, but items at the bottom of the data source list are ignored.   The gallery that uses this value in its filter is filtered on other values as well, and in proper combination, I can locate the missing items, but not when the ComboBox is employed as an input to the filter (as those values are not present).


I've tried replacing the ComboBox, assuming some corruption.  Any ideas on how to debug or resolve this would be gratefully appreciated.

After my previous response I had to come up with a solution and ended up using a gallery in combination with a text input box to behave like a searchable combobox, as I have various lookups in SharePoint that have thousands of rows. I never did find any documentation that lists this limitation with a SharePoint data source. I was able to use the combobox with SQL as the data source, but when I moved all my data to SharePoint (due to MS licensing changes on SQL connectors) I had to alter the design. One caveat to this is you can't use the "search" operator, but have to use a "StartsWith". 


Example for the gallery Items property:

Filter(SharePointList, StartsWith(Title, TextInputSearchBox.Text))

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