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DropDown List resetting to default on Navigate

Drop down list reset when trying to advance screens. 


Error is only occuring outside of Windows Studio (eg Browser, or Mobile)


When a user advances to Screen2, the vaules input on Screen1 revert to the default. If the user returns to the screen, they can see the values have been restored to the intital value. If they select the value a second time, the value does not reset when advancing to Screen2. 


Is anyone else experiencing a simiiar issue?

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In my case, the entire form is resetting to default and I am not using the same data source in second screen.


The second screen taking a field value from first screen and filter another data source  and show the output in a gallery.

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I have no values in the reset property nor a reset function and the second screen it is not using the same data source as the first.

It's only clearing out the value on the first screen the first time someone tries it in one session. If they enter 10 items in this session, items 2-10 work flawlessly without erasing the value. Once they exit the app and do it again it does the same behavior on the first instance.

I also have the same problem, and it's exactly as s0ylaunica describes.

@sankar_tr @Anonymous @Anonymous @jzcase There is currently a known regression with forms resetting when navigating to screens that have not been loaded yet when Delayed load is enabled.  Disabling Delayed load in App settings -> Advanced settings often mitigates the issue.  A codefix is being worked on.

What's the status of this issue?  I am having the exact problem where navigating from one screen to another that hasn't been loaded yet, resets my drop downs to their default values.  This is a problem because during the OnHidden event I'm saving the values of the dropdown.  Because the dropdown resets on navigation I keep saving the original default value rather than the one selected by the user.  This only happens if the screen being navigated to hasn't been viewed yet.  Once it's viewed, the patch works as it should during navigation.


Setting Delayed Load off fixes it but I'm wondering if the codefix that solves this issue has been released.




I'm having this exact issue now, so I'd say the codefix hasn't been deployed or hasn't worked.  However, I disabled Delayed Load and it appears to have fixed the fault for me.

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I am also this exact issue now. Does anyone has any fix?

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