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DropDown does not update when switching between Screens

I have a canvas app that has a Listing Screen with a Gallery and a Details screen with a Form.  The Form has a DropDown that displays the text value of an underlying Id field.


I'm getting a problem in that when I select an item in the gallery to navigate to the Details screen, the drop down in the Form on the details screen is updated sometimes but not all times. This seems to be a bug as the problem is happening for the same item in the listing screen, sometimes I will see the dropdown updated and sometimes it will not.


Has anyone gotten this problem ?

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@7d3dev What formulas are used for the Default and Items properties of the drop down?

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Hi Corey,
I have a table called '[dbo].[app_KPICategory]' which acts as the Items.
The default is LookUp('[dbo].[app_KPICategory]',id=ThisItem.kpi_category_id,category_name)

If the DropDown value is changed, and you return to the Gallery screen, then click on the same item, it's possible that the DropDown will contain the previously selected item and not the value defined by the record.  This happens because the record the form has loaded did not change.  


If this sounds like your bug, there are two things you may try:

1) If the form is an edit form, set DetailsScreen.OnVisible=ResetForm(DetailsForm)

2) If the form is a view form,

        + set DetailsScreen.OnVisible=Set(varResetDD, true);Set(varResetDD, false)
        + set DropDown.Reset=varResetDD

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Hi Corey,


Thanks! Will try it. 


The Form shows data from other fields in the record correctly except for this one field.



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Thanks for your help with this thread @_Corey_ 


@7d3dev - have you been successful with the new formula?



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