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Dropdown Filtering not working correctly

UPDATE:  I solved it.   See the very end for the solution.

Here is the scenario.  


Data Source1 = Holidays (columns: CountryForForm, HolidayAssociation)

DataSource2 = HolidayDescriptors (columns: Category, Association, HideSwapwithfield)


Dropdown1 = Country

Dropdown2 = Holidays (filtered by Country) Smiley Happy

Dropdown3 = Holiday Descriptors Prefixes Only (filtered by Category = "Prefix") Smiley Happy

Dropdown4 = Holiday Descriptors Suffixes Only (filtered by Category = "Suffix") Smiley Happy


At this point everything is working fine.   Before anyone asks why the need for the prefixes and suffixes, some holidays are celebrated in multiple countries but are listed differently. 


EXAMPLE:  Bank Holiday is a common holiday in the UK and some European countries.   However in the UK it might be called Spring Bank Holiday whereas in the Netherlands it might be called May Bank Holiday.


Prefixes and Suffixes allow the holiday to only be listed once in the Holiday list but be named consistently per each country's naming standard.  The Prefix, Holiday Name and the Suffix are concatenated to create the 'Official' Holiday Name.  (e.g. Spring Bank Holiday, May Bank Holiday, Christmas Day Observed, etc.)


Now that we have cleared that up...........


Each descriptor is categorized with an association.   Each Holiday in the Holidays list also has a matching association.  Example:   Several Descriptors are only related to Bank Holidays so their association is Bank.   In the Holidays List the holiday 'Bank Holiday' is also associated with Bank.


I need to add another level of filtering.  This level will further filter the Prefixes and Suffixes and only show those descriptors that are pertinent to that specific holiday.  This should be automatically filtered when the Holiday is selected in the dropdown.


EXAMPLE: If Bank Holiday is selected in the Holiday dropdown, the only Prefixes and Suffixes that should be shown are those where the Association is 'Bank'.


PROBLEM:   Looking at the screenshots below, I can't figure out how to do this filtering either way I go, there is an error.








Solution: I had to add the noted piece.




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Re: Dropdown Filtering not working correctly

I solved it.   I added that to the post.


Thanks for the complement.

Woman Happy

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PavanKumar Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Re: Dropdown Filtering not working correctly



First of all that's good write up, liked the way you have elaborated 🙂


Coming to issue. Association is the field in Holiday Descriptors? I believe yes. In the first formulae try to change it as dropdown4.selected.??? check what are you getting here.


Also double check if Association and dropdown4.selected.Association values are of same type. if not then you need to drill further down to get the value i.e. dropdown4.selected.Association.???


If this answers your question mark it as verified and give thumbs up.


Pavan Kumar Garlapati

Re: Dropdown Filtering not working correctly

I solved it.   I added that to the post.


Thanks for the complement.

Woman Happy

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