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Advocate I

Dropdown SelectedText

Several weeks ago, I noticed that the app I've been working on suddenly showed [dropdown box].SelectedText.[field].  I had never used that property and thought perhaps it was new.  All of my "Selected" had been changed systemically to "SelectedText".  Now I see in the documentation that the "SelectedText" property is deprecated.  Why was all my code updated to say SelectedText if it is going away?  Will they automatically be changed back to "Selected" --- or do I need to find every occurrence in my app and replace manually? 

Dual Super User II
Dual Super User II

HI @netmarie 


I am afraid you have to make the changes by yourself. Due to security reasons, the code is not updated automatically.
Hope this Helps!
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Hmm weird.  I'm certain I never used SelectedText - it just showed up one day in place of Selected.  Okay thanks.

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @netmarie 


Do you mean the formula expression is changed itself?

Could you please share more situations of your issue?

Do you change the data source or share the app to other ones and the ones who can change that?

Could you please check the other Apps?

Are they have the same issue?


Best Regards.


Hi Yumia,

Yes that is what I mean.  One day when I was updating the code (or possibly just using it as a reference for new code elsewhere) I noticed that it said "SelectedText" instead of "Selected".   That was very curious to me.  I thought perhaps that Selected was being replaced with SelectedText and a blanket "fix" was pushed out.  I am certain this has happened in the past, notably a couple years ago.  I am the only owner/editor of this app.  And there are far too many occurrences for the selected items of a dropdown in this app for someone to have changed manually.  And yes, I just opened some other apps and they show SelectedText as well.  You may suspect that I must have created the code that way, and I cannot prove otherwise, but I can assure you I never used the SelectedText property.   I can't even guess how long it will take if I need to sort through the controls in all my apps to find and replace these occurrences manually.






Hi @netmarie 


The issue is starange and difficult to reproduce on my side.

Is the issue always exists ?


Best Regards.



I'm not sure what you mean by 'always exist'.  Since the day I noticed that SelectedText was in my formulas, it has always been there until I change it back to Selected.  Is that what you're asking?  I'm also not clear what you are trying to reproduce ... are you trying to find an app where the drop down formulas show SelectedText?


Are you sure formula/event/property changes are not automatically propagated to all apps when a function/formula is being replaced?  I noticed this several times a few years ago when starting with PowerApps.  One example that comes to mind is Coalesce.  While working with existing code one day, I noticed the inclusion of Coalesce in my formula.  I had to look it up to see what it did.  I had previously been using If(not isBlank(...) which had been replaced by Coalesce. <Yes, on its own --- and no, nobody else had editing access.>  

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I spent about half an hour yesterday trying to reproduce this and I wasn't able to, but I just want to say that I have definitely experienced what @netmarie is describing. SelectedText is everywhere throughout my apps, and I have 100% never used that property before.


I had a hunch that something was maybe happening during the Import/Export of apps, as I use that functionality a lot to move apps from Dev > Test > Prod, but this didn't happen during my very simple attempt to reproduce this yesterday. I'll keep observing my apps to nail down when this is happening, but I am glad I am not alone in experiencing this!

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