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Dropdown default value - set to blank value?

I have an edit screen with two dropdowns controls.  The first dropdown is Client and the sceond is ClientProject.  After choosing the client, the user can seleect the specific project for the client.  The ClientProject dropdown is filtering it's list values based on the value of the Client dropdown.


When adding a new record, though, after I select a client, the Client Project dropdown always gets set to the first value on the list.  I would preer that it would be left blank.  Is this possible?





If you see the reply from @Anonymous above, they have added a feature that fixes this for dropdowns. ComboBox appears to not have this feature but leaving Default blank and DefaultSelectedItems as [] has the same effect.



FYI though, what you are attempting to do is actually what I ended up doing before the feature, via ClearCollect.


Screen.OnVisible = ClearCollect(FilteredWithBlanks,{ITEM:""},Filter([Table], ITEM = VAR).ITEM)
Dropdown.Items = FilteredWithBlanks
Dropdown.Default = ""
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No, it is definitely a bad solution. Because the user can submit/patch that default blank value (or default "Select an Option" value for example) into the database. 
You can use a combobox instead, if you use the onchange attribute carefully 🙂



Hey @Shanescows ! I've been watching your videos on YouTube. It helped me a lot and still helps me as of now!

Thank you for the continuous help to the community.



The old property "AllowUnsetValue" has been renamed to "AllowEmptySelection"

On Dropdown-Cards you can set this "AllowEmptySelection" property to value "true" and the Default-Property to "" then you will have a blank default value in the Dropdowns. For all FormModes, of course

It makes sense to set this Default-Blank only to FormMode.New otherwise each edit will update with blanks:


If(SharePointForm1.Mode=FormMode.New, "", Parent.Default)


Not available for Combo Boxes

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Has anyone experienced the issue that after AllowingEmptySelection in a dropdown - inspite of setting Defaults for New Form to be "" and the rest modes to Parent.Default,  the field still comes out as empty when in view or edit mode???  😕

 @Anonymous Hey Lou!


I know it's been a few weeks late, but were you able to solve your issue? Because I'm thinking this might be because there might be something wrong on your "Update" field for the control.

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Hey @fpc-kdrosario !

thanks for the follow-up.  I will need to go back to that and check.  I ended up just leaving it without the empty field just for the testing phase.  Once I get back to it with the feedback from folks I'll double check the 'Update" field and report back.


Thanks for the thoughts,


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Se não puder criar um item em sua lista em branco, basta preencher com valor "true" a opção AllowEmptySelection, do seu dropbox, em seguida preencher a opção Default do seu dropbox com o seguinte conteúdo "".




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My solution to this is to dynamically add a blank or "<choose one>" option to the dropdown control which is added at runtime, instead of having to add a bogus value to my source list or table.

To do this, I add an entry to my App OnStart which puts the source data of the dropdown list into a collection, and then immediately add an additional row to that collection to serve as the default value.

So for example:
ClearCollect(colMyDropDownList, 'Source List Data');
Collect(colMyDropDownList,{Title: "<choose one...>"});

Then in my dropdown control, I set this as the "Items" property:

Then you can add additional logic to your app, for example to hide/disable other controls if the dropdown.selected.value is still equal to "<choose one...>" or not.

Hope that helps.


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It is also possible to use a Blank() value in the allowed values as first item, i.e.: [Blank(), "firstitem", "seconditem", "thirdItem"]. In the datasource it will be stored as NULL.

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