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Dropdown is going to default value after selecting the answer

Hi All,

I have created a canvas by using Gallery for building the questions, I have a drop down created as Input and the dropdown items are


Onchange:Patch(Table1,ThisItem,{'Actual Maturity':Dropdown1.SelectedText.Value})


After selecting the value from the dropdown the value is saving to Source/table but the value in the canvas is going back to default value again. 

But what ever the answer end user in selecting is storing the source but same answer is not showing up in canvas.





There are a lot of ways you can do this. Any that are not required there is nothing special to do. For the ones that are required this is my preferred method.


Insert a label with a * in it (I normally do it red) next to any combo box that is required to have a response and set the visible property to IsBlank(Combobox.Selected.Value) <-- This is saying to make the star show if there is nothing selected


Do this for all the Combo Boxes that are required fields. The for the message telling them they can't submit yet put on the Visible:


Star1.Visible=true ||

Star2.Visible=true ||

Star3.Visible=true, true, false)

This is telling it to have the message show if any of the stars are showing.


Then for the button you have on the DisplayMode = If(lbl_MsgMissing.Visible=true, Disabled, Edit)


I hope I explained that well enough. Let me know if not.

Hey @rebeccas ,

Thanks for your reply, but its confusing me ,

I am not using me any combo box in my canvas.


I have to patch my answers to the right questions.




It doesn't make a big difference if it is a Combobox or DropDown. For the Dropdown you could do Star - Visible = !DropDown.Selected.Result = ""


This will see that they selected something other than ""


How is your data set-up? Is each question a column for each row or you have each question as a separate row?


How is your data set-up? Is each question a column for each row or you have each question as a separate row? - Yes each questions a separate row.

As I am adding a Button every time I answer a question the button is visible.









Sorry for the late reply. We went on vacation and I promised my husband "no work"


I would a row for each entry and a column for each question on the data set-up. That is how I typically do these type of apps. 

@rebeccas ,

That's okay never mind,

What row you want me add in the source ?


The reason I said the layout of a row per entry and a column for each question is you can then store other relevant information who submitted it and the date/time they submitted it.


User         Date/Time              Question1   Question 2   Question3

Name      01/01/20 8:00 AM   Yes              No               Yes          <--- This would be an example of the row data


It will keep your data source from getting crazy long. I typically do SharePoint list for my data source but not getting the data too long is even more important if you are using Excel.

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