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Advocate II
Advocate II

Dropdowns not showing items from choices column

I have a powerapps form from sharepoint that is not showing the choices. I have other dropdowns in the form that doing look at the choices column that are working. The dropdown that I am having issues with suddenly work when I'm previewing the form in I'm not sure how else to convey this issue or how to troubleshoot it. Has anyone else seen an issue like this?

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Thank you for your response, but unfortunately I have repeatedly been doing this and to no avail.


The columns will just not reconnect.


Beyond frustrating !

Helper III
Helper III

I've been having the same issue too. I created a post about this, which appears to have dissapeared. Microsoft needs to look at this as it's a re-occuring issue.


Advocate I
Advocate I

Have got the same issue, have an App that has not had any changes and the Dropdown stopped working for no reason.


Have tried all of the above mentioned actions to try and none of them have resolved the problem.


When are Microsoft going to have a look at this issue.

Advocate I
Advocate I

We experiencing this frequently. Forms that have been working will just suddenly stop displaying drop down options or the person fields liked to our AD will not populate once the user types in 3 or more letters. The only way we have been able to get the form to work again is to open it in PowerApps, delete all affected data cards, then refresh the data source and then save and publish, then reopen the form in PowerApps, add back the data cards, and save/publish. 

While this fixes the form, it doesn't prevent this from happening again and therefore is not an acceptable solution. The most frustrating part is that the data cards often have formulas that we need to re-add once the cards are added back to the form. Sometimes these are quite complex and take some time to recreate.

There's no warning/alert when this happens so we have to wait until a colleague tells us the form isn't working. If they need to use the form urgently, they can't, and so we have to resort to paper forms until we have a chance to fix and test the form. 

@Henryed07 @JohannaM @Axford_Clare  We have recently committed a fix for a timing issue where ComboBox controls that are searchable can be unhooked from their data when the dependent data source is refreshed (or removed and added again).  

I'll re-post a mitigation that is currently recommended from this post:


As we understand it, the issue may occur sometimes when the data source that a ComboBox control is bound to is either (a) refreshed, or (b) removed and then added again.  The current advised mitigation that has seen success with customers is to perform the following actions after refreshing or removing/adding a data source:

  1. Save the app immediately and close it
  2. Re-open the app and continue making any non-data source refresh/remove/add changes (note: you will have to make at least one trivial change to mark the app as dirty so that it can be saved again in step #3)
  3. Save the app and re-publish

This should allow the ComboBox controls to be correctly reconfigured to the correct values.

Also, if your ComboBox control contains only a small number of values, it is advised to disable IsSearchable since (a) this incurs a slight overhead when enabled, and (b) the issue of empty values only occurs when IsSearchable=true.


FYI--the fix is expected to be deployed to all production regions the week of October 21.

@Henryed07 @JohannaM @Axford_Clare The fix for missing items in ComboBox drop-downs has been deployed to all production regions with Studio release 3.19101.  You will need to edit and re-publish your app(s) for the changes to take effect.

View solution in original post

I agree that this issue needs to be resolved. It keeps happening. It seems to be happening way too often. 

This issue is still occuring . I'm way beyond that release..

Why is Microsoft ignoring the calls for help ?



@DAVIDPOWELL A few questions:

  • This is occurring in the latest version of Studio?
  • Or just the published app? 
  • Are you experiencing the issue with a ComboBox or Dropdown control?
    • If ComboBox, what are the rule values for Items, DefaultSelectedItems, DisplayFields, and IsSearchable?
    • If Dropdown, what are the rule values for Items and Value
  • Does a ListBox or Gallery control exhibit the same behaviour when the same Items rule is applied?

@_Corey_Thanks for the reply.
The application worked fine and shared fine while on SharepointLists.
I switched the dropdowns to sql server source as shown below. Still worked fine on my machine.
Once I share and publish to others. Does not work on their machine. drodown or comboboxes….
If I just place a dropdown on the form with no FILTERING the published version can see the dropdown selections.

Once I add this to the Dropdown

  • items = Filter('[dbo].[v_nsc_support_type_column_template_v2]',cbo_ComboSearch.Selected.RegionCode = RegionCode 
    The dropdown downs lose their connections.



  • This is occurring in the latest version of Studio? Yes, PowerApps version 3.20054
  • Or just the published app?  published fine on my app before I publish/share to others.
  • Are you experiencing the issue with a ComboBox or Dropdown control?  both - 
    • If ComboBox, what are the rule values for Items, DefaultSelectedItems, DisplayFields, and IsSearchable?
      issearchable  =  false,
      items = Filter('[dbo].[v_nsc_support_type_column_template_v2]',cbo_ComboSearch.Selected.RegionCode = RegionCode )
  • Does a ListBox or Gallery control exhibit the same behaviour when the same Items rule is applied? have not tried.

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