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Advocate III
Advocate III

Dynamic or parameterised calculations

Hi All,

Hoping someone smart out there has a solution for me  😣.

I am wanting to use 'dynamic' calculations in my app, or  to ‘parameterise’ calculations   i.e. allow a user to configure their own user-specific calculation (which I will store in a db against their user name), and then apply that user-specific calculation in PowerApps, instead of forcing the same generic calculation for everyone. 

What I am battling with is getting PowerApps to ‘evaluate’  or  ‘execute’ or ‘run’ the calculation which I have stored.


As a proxy for this scenario I built the very simple Screen3 below.

I want to be able to save any 'valid' calculation as a text string in “My Calculation”. 


Then I want “My Answer” to reference that calculation saved in “My Calculation”, and return the ‘evaluated’ result i.e. 6 ……. and not the text string as it is doing now. Any ideas how I can do that?


(In my real world scenario the calc is saved in the db and pulled into a collection in PowerApps. I then read the calc from a field in the collection. 'My Calculation' in the screen below is a proxy for that field in my collection)



Any ideas will be most appreciated.



Super User
Super User

hi @LaelH 


Here is an idea you can work with (i hope :)).


The calc is Sum(1,2,3)

Extract the calc from the table and set it to a variable which will be something like this - Set(_Calc, "Sum(1,2,3")) 


First let's get the calculation to be performed which we will pass to a switch statement based on how complex your calculations are (i won't go into the switch function).

"Mid(_Calc,1,Find(""("",_Calc)-1)" this will result in Sum


Now lets get the variables/elements

As we want to do some calc on it it will be a collection

1. "Mid(_Calc,Find(""("",_Calc))" will result in (1,2,3)

2. Set(_vars,Mid(_Calc,Find("(",_Calc)))

3. Set(_Raw,(Replace(_vars,1,1,""))); Set(_Raw,(Replace(_Raw,Len(_Raw),1,""))); Set(_compute,Split(_Raw,",")) will give me a collection.

4. I now get the sum of the collection, Sum(_compute,Result) which will give me 6

this is illustrated below








Advocate III
Advocate III


Very clever! I like the way your brain works. And the solution absolutely works for that calc.


But sadly not a solution for me. Your offered solution is 100% unique to the calc "Sum(1,2,3)".  However, I need the solution to be generic/dynamic enough to handle any calc presented. So if I changed the calc to "Sum(1,2,-65,4,-3)", then it should still work. Other calc examples might be "TotalAmount * VATPercent" (where TotalAmount and VATPercent are variables set previously )  or "Length * Width * Height".  In essence I need to be able to pass a valid calculation as a string to some sort of PowerApps "evaluation" engine and get the result returned. I believe it is not possible yet, but is logged as an idea here.

Please vote for it to push it up the queue?

Thanks for trying. Really appreciate it.



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