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Ebay style app: how to manage concurrent user sessions ?

I'm creating an ebay style app: 1 product to sell, 3 pieces available but 10 possible buyers.

Each buyer can buy max 1 item.


DB: I have a list in sharepoint with the yes/now column of the product to sell.

CLIENT: I created the app where you see the yes/no check and you can choose to buy or not. I added a label showing how many pieces are available (3 minus count of shp list column).

I have a countdown timer that refreshes the source every 2 secs so that the remaining pieces field is always updated.

Now I thought I could do a check before submitting the form so that it does not patch the list if the product is finished during the latest 2 secs.

What if 2 concurrent users click on submit ? Is there a kind of special powerapps function / caveout to avoid "overbooking" ? 



Super User III
Super User III

This could be done as follows:

  1. Insert  Dropdown1 or Combobox1 set it Items to ProductTable.ID (Assumed that Product have unique Column)
  2. Insert a ProductNameTextbox (To pick Product users will select from dropdown1. if you are using a form, then instead of inserting another TextBox, use one of the datacardvalues on your form.
    Put this formula in the Default of the Textbox/datacardvalues: Dropdown1.Selected.ID
  3. Inset Textfield to a lookup: LookUp(ProductTable, ID= Dropdown1.Selected.ID,Balance)
    Thus whenever an ID is selected, it picks its corresponding Balance from the datasource
  4.  We can the put a formula on the OnSelect button to check if Balance is less or More

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    Give it a trial. Details of your datasource would help

I don't see where concurrent sessions are managed.

I was actually thinking of having another sp list with the products availability where the sp column is a number where the minimum possible value is zero (see sample below).

I expect that when you try to reduce that value you got a kinda error which I could pick up from powerapps.

If error, no patch.

Any idea to catch that error ?

I found this below but it's not catching anything.

If( IsEmpty( Errors(ProductList, Patch(ProductList, ... 







I would also need a way to decrease the value without calculating it's existing value.

I mean, if I click on submit and the current value is 3, my submission will say "3-1=2" and it will be ok.

If someone else clicks on submit in the exact same moment the current value will still be 3, and his submission will also say "3-1=2" and it will be accepted too cause it won't raise any error since it's not minus zero (still if I solve the error issue above).

Now, instead of having to calculate the current remaining, can I just trigger the decrease ?

I mean, when I click the formula should say "decrease that", not "grab the current value, remove 1 and update it". (I hope I explained myself)

It looks like somebody asked if I solved the issue but the question was removed.


So I first had a working situation like below but it got **bleep**ed up somehow.

I had two lists, one with users and a yes/no column for any product chosen and another list with the maximum pieces available.

By using the oncheck and onuncheck fields of the toggles, I could do:

- oncheck: if no error while patching the list of available pieces and reducing the max available number by one (minimum allowed number is zero), then patch also the yes/no field of the first list for current user.

- onuncheck: just patch both list by adding a 1 to the available pieces and set the right yes/no value on the other one.


But it worked for maybe 2 mins then buum !!!

Really no idea what's going on


I'm back to the countif solution now. I wish this thing was open source..


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