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Re: Edit item "Save" is not working

Here are the steps to reproduce:


1- Create item using PowerApps form

2- select newly created item and edit 

3- make some changes on field values and click save

4- now select same item again and click edit, you will notice the changes are not shown (it shows previously stored values)

5- now create another item and save

6- edit 2nd item and make some changes and click save

7- select second item and click edit it will show previous values

8- now select first item and click edit without savings values click second item - this time up to date values will be shown


Above behaviour is noticed on E3 tenancy. 

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Re: Edit item "Save" is not working

The only thing that immediately comes to my mind is for you to check the SharePoint Integration settings and see what your "On Save" is configured to do. If you're using multiple screens and multiple forms, you'll need a way of defining when a user is in an Edit Screen vs. a New Screen. I have multiple screens/forms in one of my integrated forms, so in SharePoint Integration > Advanced> OnSave my code looks like this:



If(SharePointFormMode="CreateForm", SubmitForm(NewForm), If(SharePointFormMode="EditForm", SubmitForm(EditForm), If (SharePointFormMode="UserEditForm", SubmitForm(UserEditForm), If(SharePointFormMode="NotesForm", SubmitForm(NotesForm1))))); RequestHide()


The variable SharePointFormMode is set to each screen's OnVisible property, that way if a user clicks "Save," SharePoint Integration knows which form to submit. If you haven't configured this to work with multiple screens (new and edit), you should check if that OnSave your "new" form is being submitted and not your "edit" form.

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Re: Edit item "Save" is not working

OnSave is set to "SubmitForm(SharePointForm1)" and the app has one and only default screen. 

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Re: Edit item "Save" is not working

Ahh, it's the refresh issue. I encountered the specific issue you're describing last week. Found a way to resolve it here thanks to @RandyHayes  help. In your form, in the OnSuccess properties try:

Refresh(SharePointDataSource); ResetForm(SharePointForm1); RequestHide()

Where SharePointDataSource is your SharePoint source list. This manually refreshes the forms connection to the SharePoint list and gets it working again. This, in my experience, wasn't necessary until last week--my forms were working fine and then suddenly they weren't.

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Re: Edit item "Save" is not working

I was experiencing the same issue. I have the only one who could save to a SharePoint list from power apps all the other users couldn't save, nothing happened when they clicked "submit". My issue was with the permissions in SharePoint, my users could only read. I edited the permission to allow users to add and edit. Sorted.

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