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Edit item "Save" is not working

I created a PowerApps custom form from my SharePoint list.  This is acting flaky: sometimes adding an item works fine, but sometimes it doesn't (like not showing an error message for a required field).  Currently, I can't put an item in edit mode and save my changes,  Pressing Save does nothing.  I also cannot get Flow to work with it (to send an email).  We wanted to use this to deploy a simple request form to highlight featues in Office 365, but it isn't appearing to be reliable enough.  Is anyone using PowerApps with SharePoint successfully or is it not yet stable?


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Ahh, it's the refresh issue. I encountered the specific issue you're describing last week. Found a way to resolve it here thanks to @RandyHayes  help. In your form, in the OnSuccess properties try:

Refresh(SharePointDataSource); ResetForm(SharePointForm1); RequestHide()

Where SharePointDataSource is your SharePoint source list. This manually refreshes the forms connection to the SharePoint list and gets it working again. This, in my experience, wasn't necessary until last week--my forms were working fine and then suddenly they weren't.

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Powerapps works great with sharepoint.  I would say you are not meeting the rules applied to your sharepoint list columns.  If teh column is required that what you pass from powerapps must meet the specs.  there is are als two naming conciderations.  If you rename a sharepoint column the original name is what Powerapps will use not the renamed one.  If your name has a numeric value like Question1,  the name the list uses is very different.  It will be something like _xOdataX1.  so not that obviouse when using functions like patch.  You can get teh actual sharepoint name in list setting,  click the column to edit.  The name is at the end of the URL


using flow is eay with powerapps.  

1. select Flow from Actions

2. select create new flow.  This will take yu to flow and create the trigger

3. select new staep action

4. Select Outlook connectors

5. select sen email

6.  In all the fields that will no appear in te advance mode simply use the"Ask In PowerApps"


Save Flow

Go back to PowerApps and you will see the saved flow.  

As a demo put a button on your form and select onselect property.  Select the send email flow and you will see it put teh first part of the argument into the onselect.  from there you will see all teh aruguments you need to populate for teh flow to work.  


I use this all teh time and simply have variables putting data I want into the arguments

Sorry to disagree, but PowerApps is not working great with SharePoint.  Adding a new item works fine, but updating an item doesn't work. Pressing Save does nothing. We don't feel PowerApps is reliable enough yet nor initutive enough to allow users to have it in our environment.  Hopefully it will become more stable as time goes on because we need a replacment for InfoPath.  



I use the Powerapps custom forms for SharePoint and the only time I have had an issue with Saving not working is when my field required a unique value and one wasn't being submitted. I would click Save and nothing would happen (no error message either). Other than that on some limitations I haven't had a lot of issues with it not working as designed.

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Sorry to disagree about your disagree.  I have 8 apps at the moment interacting with share point.  One is extremely complex booking system. the only time I have an issue updating a record is using Patch() and this when the delegation number of records have been exceeded.  Patch is not delagable.  It will add records.  Is this your issue?  how many records in teh list and what process are you using to update?  If you use an edit form there should be no issue unless  you are not meeting the criteria for shrepoint columns.  Do you get an error.  is there alittel yellow triangle attached to your submit buttone.  If so run the mouse over and get the tip for what is wrong

Thanks for your reply. It's good to know that others are using PowerApps with SharePoint successfully. I went back to using a default form but we plan to revisit PowerApps later this year.

This is my current problem, I'm searching for a solution.

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My problem seems to be related to flows being turned on for a given list. I'll keep seraching to see if this issue was addressed more recently.

I am having this problem too.  Have you found a solution? My form, in edit form has no required fields other than those that were already completed in the new form mode.  Its all working fine except that the save button does nothing when clicked after the form is edited.

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I'm having same issue with custom list form - straight after item creation if I try to update then no changes are saved. Only time it gives me desired results when I edit form after refreshing the list. 

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