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Element visibility misbehaving in Gallery

Hi All,


I've been working on this PowerApp where i have a button at the homescreen where onselect i form a collection called formCollection(with 36 items).


As you can see each member of the collection has 3 properties- Title,Details and PhotoRequired.

Next i use this collection as input for a gallery


here the each gallery item has a dropdown comment box and a add photo control.

and the title is displayed on top right of each item.


There is also a tick icon whose visibility is set as shown(dependent on dropdown and comment box), also it's color is set as--



But a lot of times when i scroll down to items at the end(total 36) i see the tick visible even when the Visible condition for that item is false(i.e comment is empty or dropdown value is empty) e.g



Please help out with the same or suggest and alternate approach to achieve the same.

Thanks in advanced.


Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi @Anonymous 


The easiest way for you to deal with that is by using the visibility property of your "tick" element, so whenever your dropdown or comment if you wish are empty the "tick" element won't show up.




Let me know if it worked.


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Hi @the365bit,


I've something similar( check in photo 2). This issue is it works fine foe the first few items. But if i scroll down it starts misbehaving as shown.

The issue happens always for specific records or is completely random? Also, since you are using Len you might wanna use Trim for safety reasons, just in case there is any white space going on there.


So instead of And(Len(TextInput3.Text)>0, Len(Dropdown1.SelectedText.Value)>0) try And(Trim(Len(TextInput3.Text))>0, Len(Dropdown1.SelectedText.Value)>0)

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It's completely random actually but happens after the first few(4-5) items. I select the first dropdown, enter comment for first few(works fine) and then the next item has the tick visible for no reason. Tried trim as well still the same.


After experimenting it seems to only give issue if the first one is filled(i.e comment and dropdown are slected.).

Hi @Anonymous 


If it works with Record A sometimes and some times it doesn't seems like a odd platform behaviour I'm assuming you already tried the whole save/close/open the aplication again/close your browser/ and all of that?


Also, the behavior happens when you are inside the powerapp studio as well as when you are playing the app already published?  

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