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Embedding PowerApps within SharePoint

Hi, I'm looking for some advise on embedding PowerApps inside SharePoint. (using office 365 cloud)


I'm currently attempting to publish the web url version of the PowerApps into SharePoint using the the web viewer (iFrame). The loading screen seems to work fine but then everything crashes and I get the following message.


"This app stopped working. Try refreshing your browser." (Refreshing doesnt fix anything)


It's frustrating as i've seen a ton of people say that 'You can now embed them straight into SharePoint' but cant find any documentation or examples of it actually working. 


I'm wanting to try PowerApps out as an alternate to InfoPath for some basic user input forms.


Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for taking the time with this. As of right now, do we know when we can expect this to be working, or can we se an overall timeframe for this? Meaning, witin days, weeks or?

Right now, we will need to look into the root cause before we can even asses the timeline to fix it. Considering this is IE only, they are typicaly harder to fix, I will put it at minimum weeks away.


PowerApps embedded in SharePoint bugs in IE and Edge?


I followed this Microsoft tutorial to embed a PowerApp into a SharePoint page. It was super easy to do. The SharePoint page has been under testing for a while, and while performance is fine on Chrome and Firefox, Edge and IE have been very sporadic.


I haven't gotten Edge to display the embedded piece or the web part ever. IE works on and off without any changes (just refreshing the page...and sometimes if you refresh it even after it works it will break). Sometimes the Page Viewer will load, sometimes it will load in perpetuity, and sometimes it breaks (see the screen grabs below). The embedded piece in IE hardly ever works. It either just keeps loading or randomly will work on a refresh.


Are there any known solutions to these issues? This app is just to submit an approval request for a meeting. With flow and the power app, we've created an awesome setup but the end users are technologically challenged and we need it to work consistently.


This is what Edge web part and embed errors look like:


IE Error Perpetual load embed:




IE Error Web Part: Image



For the Edge issue, if you click the More link on the error page, you should get a session id, could you provide that to us?




For the embedded piece: Session ID: a3b7e2fd-afc9-58f4-5c33-8c8c03f2506f


For the Page Viewer (media web part): Session ID: 40331bdf-81d8-015b-69f7-17ef2cedbae8

I followed the instructions giving in this blog post. I was pleased to see it seemed very straightforward. However, it does not work for me. I have tried with internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox and Chrome. In IE, nothing displays. In the other browsers, I get an error saying the following:


"Sorry, we didn’t find that app.




The advice given in the blog post was to make sure "" is the list of allowed domains. I have done that and still the form does not display. Is there something I can do to make sure the published app is found in our Office365 tenant?


In order for us to start using PowerApps, it is really important that a standard browser view is available. The mobile option is really great, but most of our users will be completing and viewing form data in a desktop browser and will not want to switch to a mobile device to fill out a form. I also really don't want to have to create one Infopath form and one PowerApp form as that will be a nightmare to maintain.


Is there any update as to when a standard-browser view will be available in PowerApps?


Thank you.

@harzicn- PowerApps has supported a standard browser running experience since we were first in preview. Please look at this article quickly to get started:


Regarding the issue of not able to able to render the app, the error indicates that the App Id being used is not valid. Can you please paste the iframe code you are using and the Session ID from the error message to help debug the issue.


@er- Thanks for providing the details. We looked into the details and found that for some reason on Edge, your browser is failing to authenticate to when it is embedded. We have fixes in pipeline which should potentially fix some of these issues.


Meanwhile, can you please try adding https://* to Trusted Zone in IE security to see if it works for you.

Make sure you have it set so anyone in your organization can use it as well. So in the Share section, set it so anyone can use, but make sure you don't send an email to everyone letting them know! 

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When embedding PowerApps on Sharepoint Online, my app will function correctly on Google Chrome but when using Edge it will stay stuck on the "Log In" display. When clicking "Log In", the app will do nothing. When using Internet Explorer, there will be some sporadic errors but the app functions in general. 

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