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Employee Ideas App custom localization

Hello! I need to localize 'Employee Ideas' app to Russian and I was pretty sure that I could manually add my own column into library "colLocalization", so it will translated automatically for users, because of variable gblUserLanguage. But I can't even open the library. Is there any solutions? I also could share this translation so anyone may use it.
Thank you.

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

The Employee Ideas app (and other Dataverse for Teams apps), uses an approach of building a static localization table. This is in the app as static excel data.

You would need to add rows for the all of the localized strings, and add your language code. You can create your own static file, add it to the app, and append it during the app's OnStart to add it to the localization collection.


Here is the table of values that being localized.


_translateCommon__Addcampaign en-US Add campaign
_translateCommon__Back en-US Back
_translateCommon__Cancel en-US Cancel
_translateCommon__Delete en-US Delete
_translateCommon__Edit en-US Edit
_translateCommon__Editcampaign en-US Edit campaign
_translateCommon__Save en-US Save
_translateCommon__Searchcampaigns en-US Search campaigns
_translateCommon__SettingsLabelChannel en-US Channel
_translateCommon__SettingsLabelChannelInstructions en-US Select the app channel where messages will be posted
_translateCommon__SettingsLabelGeneral en-US General
_translateDataValue__QuestionInstructionEffort en-US How much effort will your idea take to implement?
_translateDataValue__QuestionInstructionImpact en-US What impact will your idea have?
_translateDataValue__ReponseTypeRating en-US Rating
_translateDataValue__ReponseTypeText en-US Text
_translateDataValue__ResponseTextHigh en-US High
_translateDataValue__ResponseTextLow en-US Low
_translateDataValue__TextInputLong en-US Long
_translateDataValue__TextInputShort en-US Short
_translateTableValue__Active en-US Active
_translateTableValue__All en-US All
_translateTableValue__Expired en-US Expired
_translateTableValue__Newest en-US Newest
_translateTableValue__NotStarted en-US Not Started
_translateTableValue__Oldest en-US Oldest
_translateTableValue__Topvoted en-US Top voted
_translateVariable__dayleft en-US {0} day left
_translateVariable__daysleft en-US {0} days left
_translateVariable__daysuntilstart en-US {0} days until start
_translateVariable__dayuntilstart en-US {0} day until start
_translateVariable__idea en-US {0} idea
_translateVariable__ideas en-US {0} ideas
_translateVariable__SubmissionCampaign en-US Thank you, {0}. Your campaign has been added.
_translateVariable__SubmissionIdea en-US Thank you, {0}. Your idea has been submitted.
_translateVariable__vote en-US {0} vote
_translateVariable__votes en-US {0} votes
btnCampaignDetailControls_Duplicate__locText en-US Duplicate
btnCampaignDetailControls_Submit__locText en-US Submit an idea
btnCampaignIdeaControls_Return__locText en-US Return to list
btnCampaignIdeaControls_Share__locText en-US Share
btnCampaignIdeaControls_Submit__locText en-US Submit idea
btnIncorrectContext_Exit__locText en-US Close app
btnQuestionAddNew__locText en-US Add question
btnSaveSetup__locText en-US Let's go
imgCampaignIdeaControls_Votes__locText en-US Like
lblAddFile__locText en-US File
lblAddFilePhoto__locText en-US Photo
lblCampaignDetail_Duration__locText en-US Duration
lblCampaignDetailControls_PostToTeams__locText en-US Post to channel
lblCampaignIdeaCard_QuestionHeader__locText en-US Questions
lblCampaignStatsTopContributors__locText en-US Weekly top contributors
lblCampaignStatsTopIdeas__locText en-US Weekly top ideas
lblConfirmDeleteCampaign_Header__locText en-US Delete campaign
lblConfirmDeleteCampaign_Warning__locText en-US You're about to permanently delete this campaign and its associated ideas. You can't undo this action.
lblConfirmDeleteIdea_Header__locText en-US Delete idea
lblConfirmDeleteIdea_Warning__locText en-US You're about to permanently delete this idea and its associated records. You can't undo this action.
lblDateIncorrect__locText en-US Start date cannot be before end date
lbldeaFiles_Header__locText en-US Attach supporting files
lblFormCampaignDateRange__locText en-US How long would you like this campaign to run?
lblFormCampaignDateRangeRequirement__locText en-US Please provide a start and end date
lblFormCampaignDescription__locText en-US Description
lblFormCampaignImage__locText en-US Cover image
lblFormCampaignSelectImage__locText en-US Select an image
lblFormCampaignTitle__locText en-US Campaign name
lblIdea_IconImage__locText en-US Add an image to represent your idea
lblIdeaDetailControls_PostToTeams__locText en-US Share in channel
lblIncorrectContext_Explanation__locText en-US Please run this app in Teams or a web browser, for the complete user experience.
lblIncorrectContext_Notification__locText en-US Oops! Please try again.
lblLoadingText__locText en-US Employee ideas
lblQuestionHeader__locText en-US Idea questions
lblQuestionsInstructions__locText en-US Instructions
lblQuestionsResponseType__locText en-US Response Type
lblSettgins_TeamOwnerRestricted_OnlyOwners__locText en-US This setting is only available to Team owners
lblSettings_TeamOwnerRestricted_Header__locText en-US Team Owner Restricted?
lblSettings_TeamOwnerRestricted_Instructions__locText en-US Should only Team owners be allowed to add campaigns, and access settings?
lblSetup_Description__locText en-US Employee ideas allows you to easily add, categorize, and track submitted ideas. Select the Channel to get started.
lblSetup_Welcome__locText en-US Welcome to Employee ideas
txtFormCampaignDescription__locHintText en-US Write campaign description
txtFormCampaignTitle__locHintText en-US Give your campaign a name
txtDatePicker_DateSelected__locAccessibleLabel en-US Date currently selected
imgDatePicker_CalendarIcon__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to select a different date
icnDatePicker_PreviousMonth__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to view the previous month
icnDatePicker_NextMonth__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to view the next month
drpChannel__locAccessibleLabel en-US List of Channels for the current Team
galCampaignStatsTopContributors__locAccessibleLabel en-US Gallery of weekly top idea contributors
galCampaignStatsTopIdeas__locAccessibleLabel en-US Gallery of weekly top ideas, by vote count
imgCampaigSummary_Search__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to search for campaigns
drpCampaignSummary_Status__locAccessibleLabel en-US List of campaign statuses, to filter campaigns
galCampaignSummary__locAccessibleLabel en-US Gallery of campaigns
imgCampaignDetail_SortGallery__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to sort campaigns
imgCampaignDetailControls_Delete__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to delete campaign
imgCampaignDetailControls_Duplicate__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to duplicate campaign
tglCampaignDetailControls_PostToTeams__locAccessibleLabel en-US Toggle to post campaign to Teams Channel
galStockImageSelect__locAccessibleLabel en-US Gallery of stock images for a campaign
imgStockImage__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to select this stock image
txtFormCampaignTitle__locAccessibleLabel en-US Text input for campaign title
addFormCampaignImage__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to add your own image for this campaign
txtFormCampaignDescription__locAccessibleLabel en-US Text input for campaign description
imgFormCampaignIconEditImage__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to add or edit the campaign image
galCampaignEditQuestions__locAccessibleLabel en-US Gallery of questions for the campaign, which will be responded to when submitting an idea
imgQuestionDelete__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to delete this question from the campaign
imgQuestionSequenceUp__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to move the order of the question up in the list of questions
imgQuestionSequenceDown__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to move the order of the question down in the list of questions
txtQuestionInstructions__locAccessibleLabel en-US Text input for question instructions
galCampaignQuestionResponseType__locAccessibleLabel en-US Response types for the question
txtQuestionResponseTextExample__locAccessibleLabel en-US Visual example of a text input based on question response type
galQuestionResponseRating__locAccessibleLabel en-US Gallery of response ratings 1 through 5, with text to indicate the relative meaning of 1 and 5
txtIdeaQuestionRating_HighLow__locAccessibleLabel en-US Text input to indicate the relative meaning of the number
tglQuestionShortLongText__locAccessibleLabel en-US Toggle indicating a text response to the question should be short or long
drpCampaignDetailsIdeas_Sort__locAccessibleLabel en-US List of options to sort ideas
galCampaignDetailsIdeas__locAccessibleLabel en-US Gallery of ideas for the selected campaign
imgCampaignDetailsIdeas_Votes__locAccessibleLabel en-US Image indicating if you have voted (filled) for this idea, or not (unfilled)
imgCampaignIdeaControls_MoreCommands__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to see more commands for the idea
tglIdeaDetailControls_PostToTeams__locAccessibleLabel en-US Toggle to post idea to Teams Channel
galIdeaCommands__locAccessibleLabel en-US Gallery of commands for the idea
galIdeaResponses__locAccessibleLabel en-US Gallery of responses for the idea
galIdeaResponseRating__locAccessibleLabel en-US Gallery of response ratings for the question, for this idea
txtResponseText__locAccessibleLabel en-US Text input for the to this question, for this idea
addIdea_Uploaded__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to add an image to this idea
addFileIdea__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to add a file to this idea
galIdeaFiles__locAccessibleLabel en-US Gallery of files added to this idea
atcIdeaFile__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to open the attached file
imgIdeaFile_Delete__locAccessibleLabel en-US Click to delete this file, from the idea
galSettings__locAccessibleLabel en-US Gallery of settings areas
tglSettings_TeamOwnerRestricted__locAccessibleLabel en-US Toggle indicating if the ability to create campaigns and edit settings, is limited to Team owners
galHelp__locAccessibleLabel en-US Gallery of help URLs
_translateCommon_HelpSendUsYourIdeas en-US Read documentation
_translateCommon_HelpReadDocumentation en-US Send us your ideas
_translateCommon_HelpEngageCommunity en-US Engage with community
lblLoadingTextSettingUp__locText en-US This is the first time this app has been run. Setting up a few things.
lblSetup_CanChange__locText en-US You can change this anytime in app settings
comZeroState_Campaigns__locText en-US No campaigns found
comZeroState_TopIdeas__locText en-US Top voted ideas will appear here
comZeroState_TopContributors__locText en-US Team members who submit the most ideas will appear here
_translateCommon_AppNameManager en-US Manage campaigns
_translateCommon_AppNameUser en-US Submit ideas
_translateCommon_NavigateHome en-US Click to return to list of campaigns
chkConfirmDelete_Confirm__locText en-US I understand.
_translateCommon_NavigateBackCampaignList en-US Return to campaign list
_translateCommon_NavigateBackIdeaList en-US Return to idea list
comZeroState_CampaignSearch__locText en-US No campaigns found
comZeroState_Ideas__locText en-US New ideas will appear here
btnAddFile__locText en-US Add file
lbldeaFiles_HeaderAttachments__locText en-US Attachments
addIdea_Uploaded_Add__locText en-US Add an image
addIdea_Uploaded_Change__locText en-US Click to change
btnMobileBrowseCampaigns__locText en-US Browse campaigns
lblMobileGreetingInstructions__locText en-US Glad to have you here, let’s get your great ideas added to a campaign or vote for an existing one.
lblMobileGreetingName_Morning__locText en-US Good morning, {0}.
lblMobileGreetingName_Afternoon__locText en-US Good afternoon, {0}.
lblMobileGreetingName_Evening__locText en-US Good evening, {0}.
comMobileHeader_CampaignDetail__BackToHome en-US Back to home
comMobileHeader_CampaignDetail__BackToCampaign en-US Back to campaign
_translateCommon_ToggleTrue_Yes en-US Yes
_translateCommon_ToggleFalse_No en-US No
_translateCommon__AppNameManageIssues en-US Manage issues
_translateCommon__BuiltWithPowerPlatform en-US Built with Microsoft Power Platform
_translateCommon__AppNameIssueReporting en-US Issue reporting
_translateCommon__Splash_Title en-US Built with Microsoft Power Platform. Ready for you to extend.
_translateCommon__Splash_Description en-US You can extend the app capabilities using powerful data platform and approachable low-code tools from the Power Platform, all within Teams.
_translateCommon__Splash_LearnMore en-US Learn more
_translateCommon__Splash_DoNotShowAgain en-US Don’t show this again
_translateCommon__Splash_Back en-US Back
_translateCommon__Splash_Proceed en-US Got it
_translateCommon__About_Description en-US Customize this app using approachable low-code tools from the Power Platform. Within Teams- access essential platform capabilities using a brand-new table authoring experience. For example, you can add your brand logo or edit the app colors.
_translateCommon__About_Customize en-US Customize using Power Apps
_translateCommon__About_Greeting en-US Hi, what can we help you with today?
_translateCommon__About_LinkLearn en-US Learn how to customize this app
_translateCommon__About_LinkSendUsIdeas en-US Send us your ideas
_translateCommon__About_LinkEngageCommunity en-US Engage with community
_translateCommon__About_WatchVideo en-US Watch the app video
_translateCommon__About_VideoAccessible en-US Watch a video about this app
_translateCommon__About_ExploreMoreApps en-US Explore more Apps built with Power Apps
_translateCommon__About_AppLink en-US View app
_translateCommon__About_AppOverview en-US App overview
_translateCommon__About_MSFT en-US Microsoft Corporation
_translateCommon__AppNameIdeas en-US Ideas
_translateCommon__AppDescriptionIssueReporting en-US Identify + manage issues & incidents in your organization
_translateCommon__AppDescriptionEmployeeIdeas en-US Easily review, manage, and vote upon team’s ideas to increase team engagement.
_translateCommon__AppDescriptionInspections en-US Create customized checklist style inspections for areas and assets.
_translateCommon__AppNameInspections en-US Inspections
_translateCommon__About_AppGallery en-US Gallery of other apps by Microsoft
_translateCommon__About_LinkGallery en-US Gallery of helpful links
_translateCommon__PowerToolsGallery en-US Gallery of Power Platform applications
_translateCommon__IncorrectContext_Title en-US Oops! Please try again.
_translateCommon__IncorrectContext_TeamsRequired en-US App only supported in Microsoft Teams. To open the app, please use Microsoft Teams app on your phone or desktop.
_translateCommon__IncorrectContext_PhoneNotSupported en-US App not supported in phone. To open the app, please use Microsoft Teams app on your desktop.
_translateCommon__IncorrectContext_CloseApp en-US Close app
_translateCommon__NotSetup_Title en-US Oops! This app isn't setup yet.
_translateCommon__NotSetup_UseTeamsFirst en-US Please run this app within Teams on your desktop or web browser to complete setup.
Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Ugh, formatting on that is bad. Let me know if you can work with it, or if you'd like a cleaner file/table.

Thank you for response! I did what you advised, it worked. But there are a lot of problems here. Like all the stuff do not work properly, can't even use vote button. So it looks like I need a lot of time to fix all the problems inside, or may I be wrong? @GarethPrisk 

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Simply changing the localization file/collection should have no issue. The app runs in all languages, and can even switch on-the-fly.


Do you have any errors in the studio? Perhaps the app OnStart is now broken, or something which may limit functionality in the app itself.

Oh, I just switch language to English-US inside of general teams settings while working on app and all this stuff gone, now it works properly! Thank you so much, your advises were extremely useful.

P.S. I'm working on full Russian localization now, if anyone else need this I could send .xlsx file and short tutorial how to use it if needed.

New Member

Hi all,


I am new to Powerapps. I am trying to change the app language to Turkish, but need some guidance. Can you please help?


Thank you.

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