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Error Creating Production Environment

Hello Community,


I am attempting to create a new production environment as outlined here, but when I do, I get the attached error.  Is this a known issue?


EDIT: I should mention that I am in the Plan 2 Trial.


Thank you,



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OK this appears to be due to a very confusing set of bugs that are currently deployed as the PowerApps offering:


  1. The PowerApps Plan 2 Trial user is shown as having Plan 2 access in their profile when it should say "Plan 2 Trial".  Even as such, the impression/implication of a Trial is that you can try all things within a production/final/offered product.
  2. The PowerApps Create Environment user interface provides the "Production" option in its creation dialog, when in fact this is actually not an option at all.  So the user is presented with an invalid/unauthorized option which should never be presented to them in the first place.  This is why the weird resulting message is presented to the user when an attempt is made to create an environment/feature they are not authorized to create.

My wholehearted recommendation is to remove the Production/Trial dropdown selection altogether and simply create the environment based on the user's current paying status.  If they are paying the $40/mo, then make it an actual Production environment.  Otherwise, make it a Trial environment.  That way you are still counting against the two amount allowed (2) and the user is none the wiser and never knows that particular detail at all.


Of course, this begs the question: If I create a Trial environment and put 30 days' worth of effort into building out its schema and data... is there a way to easily "upgrade" it to an actual Production environment once I have paid into the actual Plan 2?  Or (even better) does it automatically upgrade into a Production environment once I fork over my hard-earned cash? 🙂

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Thanks for the feedback. We are solving this issue soon.

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Great @ManasMSFT thanks for letting us know.  To be sure though there are two problems: one is the confusion between trial/production environments.  The other is that it seems that environments do not "upgrade" when you convert to a paying customer, so you essentially have to suffer a migration path of some sort (assuming there is one).


It would be great to know if you are addressing both or perhaps a little more information on what is being done to remedy this issue. Thanks again!

So if I have a 365 Dynamics Licence which costs over $100 I can't create an additional Production Enviornment but, If I shelve that Licence and only Pay $40 I can. Something seems wrong in that philosophy!

Hi @Anonymous,


Just to clarify:

  • If you have ONLY a PowerApps Plan 2 trial license, you are allowed to provision up to 2 'Trial' environments and 0 'Production' environments
  • If you have a PowerApps Plan 2 license, you are allowed to provision up to 2 'Production' environments.

Are you hitting an issue with provisioning a 'Production' environment when you DO have a Plan 2 license?




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Hi @jo,  thank you for your reply and taking the time to clarify.  To answer your question, no I do not have a (non-trial) PowerApps Plan 2 license, but yet I am shown the user interface and option to create a production environment as if I do have a PowerApps Plan 2 license.   Very confusing experience.

Got it, and I 100% agree, hiding the Production option when they user does not have the correct entitlement was a miss and we are tracking to fix this soon.

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@jo wrote:

... and we are tracking to fix this soon.

Great, thanks for that @jo.  Now you are sounding like @ManasMSFT from two weeks ago. Smiley LOL


I guess "soon" is always a relative notion. 😉

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