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Error: Power Apps reloading when navigating to new screen



I published a new version on Friday 22Apr2022, and this new version is causing a headache for users and I can't seem to figure out why it keeps reloading the app whenever a user navigates to a new screen after clicking on a gallery control.  Here are the details of what is happening:


1.  Users open app in browser (Chrome and/or Edge...issue occurs in both browsers) and taken to main screen (called Screen_Main)

2.  User navigates to new screen (called Screen_Tier) by clicking on gallery item.  No variables are passed.

3.  User can interact with screen as intended (dropdowns, forms, collections, etc. all work).  However, whenever they click on a gallery control to navigate to another screen, they'll quickly see the new screen appear but then the app gets reloaded (like the webpage is refreshed) and they are taken back to the main screen (Screen_Main) and all of their previous drowdown selections are reset.  

4.  Now, if the user navigates back to the previous screen (Screen_Tier), they don't have any issues clicking on the gallery controls to navigate to any other screen as expected


I can't seem to figure out what could possibly be causing this issue.  Here are some changes I've made to troubleshoot:

1.  This issue is not replicated when in Power App's Canvas Design mode, only in the published copy.  I've tried publishing a new version, but the issue still occurs

2.  Different web browsers were used but the same issue occurs 

Edit: It works as intended on Power Apps Mobile.  This is only occurring when using the Chrome/Edge browsers (27Apr2022)

3.  I've checked the gallery's OnSelect and screen's OnVisible logic, but there is nothing that would trigger the app to reload or the page to refresh.  Here is an example of an OnSelect logic for one of the galleries in the Screen_Tier page:

/*sets variable as the selected item for use on the next screen*/

Set(varTier_Issues_Detail, ThisItem);

Navigate(Screen_Tier_Issues_Details, Cover);


Here's an example of the OnVisible logic for the screen that the gallery is navigating to:

/*initializes variables on screen load*/

UpdateContext({varTier_Esclation_From: varTier_Issues_Detail.Tier_Area, varTier_Already_Escalated: varTier_Issues_Detail.Already_Escalated, varTier_Esclation: varTier_Issues_Detail.Status, varSideMenuVisible: false, varTier_Issue_Confirm: false, varVisibleTierIssue: true});


The logic is pretty simple, but I can't figure out why the app/webpage keeps getting reloaded!  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I've recorded my screen, but was unable to upload to this post.  Not sure how to share screen recording since our Security disabled sharing links except for internal users


Accepted Solutions
Super User
Super User


If you remove the OnVisible commands for the target screen, does the problem go away?

I just removed the OnVisible commands of the target screen but it the problem still exists in the published version.  I've confirmed I'm using the latest published version as well.

I've even changed the target screen to a different screen, but it still does the same thing!

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Same issue here.  Navigation just recently broke and now returns the user to the welcome screen.  The canvas app also seems to lose font information and prevents some form fields from being rendered in edit mode.

Super User
Super User
New Member

Thanks @JimmyWork , that fixed the issue from what I can tell so far.

Thank you @JimmyWork !  I can confirm changing the Authoring Version to a new version has fixed the issue for me.

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