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Error: The query cannot be completed because the number of lookup columns it contains exceeds

Hi guys,


I'm currently running into the following error in PowerApps....


First, the error in SP designer makes it seem like it's coming directly from PowerApps.  I pretty sure it has to do with some limitation with Sharepoint and lookups.  


My team working on Flow was trying to test but PowerApps now throws this error and doesn't allow any of the data from the list to display.  




Aside from undoing the "test Flow" what can we do solve for this error?  I guess first is for me to understand where and why the error throws.  Then next possible solutions to workaround this apparent limitation.  The error mentions "enforced by the administrator" could this just simply be for them to increase a limit then all is well?  







I am having this same issue in Power Apps. I also hit it in Power Automate, but like you, found that filtering the view resolves the issue. My question is, how do I set Power Apps to the same filtered view? I'm new to Power Apps. 

I was told that PowerApps loads all items then does the filter in that order so once you go above 5k you're screwed. I was told the best idea is to archive older items to keep the list smaller and more relevant was the best practice.

Hey @Portland 


Unfortunately Power Apps does not have the same capability that you are looking for is not currently available in Power Apps.


Also See:



Could you share a screenshot or explain how to add a view to Power Automate? 

Agree. There should be an easy way to get around this. Very frustrating. 

It would be great if one did not need to use Power Automate and just use Power Apps OOTB connection to SPO without any limit of lookup fields.

Hi GreGuth2

I am trying to get the records(Items), getting the same error ("The query cannot be completed because the number of lookup columns it contains exceeds the lookup column threshold")


when we try to get records how the power Automate will consider the views, because List defalut view don`t have any Lokkup fields, only custom view has all other Lookup fields.

So how can i get records here. i am using power automate to get SP records.

Any help please.

Helper I
Helper I

My workaround was to create a new view with only the columns that I needed to update which was less than the 12 column lookup. I then used that view in the Power Automate action. This worked perfectly.

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