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Error for some users on SharePoint Customised List Form

I have a SharePoint customised list form which was working fine for all users until recently.  Some users are now reporting that when they try to open the list item, the powerapp form does not load and they get the error below.



The permissions on the list are fine, the users are in the group which has contribute access to the list. This isn't happening to all users just a few.  Any ideas what might be causing this?  It's a simple customised list form, no flows or anything fancy, the only connection is the connection to the SP list.

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You are not alone. We are also experiencing the same issue, albeit we are not receiving the exact same error.

We also have a Sharepoint list with a custom form in Powerapps that does not load (for some users). We have actually been facing this problem for ALMOST A MONTH, and it is driving us crazy. I have left 3 support tickets so far and no answer has been given.


We have tried:

- Clearing cache/cookies

- Opening the form from different browsers

- Opening the form from different devices

- Going into the app in PowerApps->Data->refreshing/deleting/reinserting the Sharepoint connection

- Removing unique permissions from list

None of the attempts have solved the issue. The issue does not seem to be related to the device or browser.


After checking the browser console, it seems to be some api token/permission-related issue. This list used to work properly in the past. Nothing was changed to the list, it just randomly stopped working. The behaviour is also erratic: some days it loads after 15-20 seconds of waiting, other days it does not load even after hours of waiting.


If anyone sees this, please solve this. It is causing major issues for our organization. Nobody is answering the support tickets either...

thanks @Anonymous for the information.  I think in the meantime then I should revert back to the standard SP form for now, I can't have users unable to work, and if this has been going on a month who knows when it will be resolved.

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I will keep you updated in case I get any response to my tickets/I find any type of solution. Please do that as well... Our users are also heavily affected by this issue.

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