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Helper III
Helper III

Error in powerapp code when replacing th existing sharepoint list with new list having same data

I have a working powerapp code in which everything works perfectly.

When I delete the sharepoint lists from connectors and connect new list with different name but same data inside, then i face issue in code.

After uploading new list, i change the list name everyhere in code with new list name and also properties of new list matches with the old list.

I get errors in patch function, where coulmn names are changed after replacing the list.


Patch(AOA_TPT_Outage_Process_Demo_Response_SK1, LookUp(AOA_TPT_Outage_Process_Demo_Response_SK1,ID=ID_temp),
Start_Time: Var_Start_Time,


I am getting below errors in above code:

1. The function 'Renamecolumns' has some invalid arguments.

2. The specified column 'Response' doesn not exist. (whereas I have column with this name in AOA_TPT_Outage_Process_Demo_Response_SK1list)

3. The function patch has some invalid arguments.


If i keep Response:Response inside patch function, then error from patch goes off, but still error in renamecoulmn exists.

And also tell that why coumn names are changing after replacing the sharpoint list.?


Helper III
Helper III

Sir, what is the significance of semicolon in powerapps?


It separates different "commands" or code instructions.

Helper III
Helper III

Hello Sir, I really appreciate your quick reply in community @WarrenBelz.

Sir, I had a working app in which deep linking was working perfectly in powerapp version 3.21112.22. 


but when version of powerapp increased to 3.21113.12, deep linking of my app got disturbed, which I had raised issue earlier also. In this version, I was able to navigate to required screen through deep linking, but further navigation into app was not happening.

we were struggling to rectify it.

But today, powerapp version is updated to 3.2114.18, and now deep linking of my same app has gone more disturbed. it is behaving weired and showing wrong outputs. 

Request you to kindly help because we have to give this app to our customer, and due o this version changes, our app is getting disturbed which should not happen ideally.




Deep linking will change forever with the StartScreen function. Please have a read of this document.

Helper III
Helper III

Hello Sir, 


I have a form in gallery which is fetching data from sharepoint list. Customer wants initially 1st line item only to be enabled and others to be disabled. Whene 1st line item is filled then 2nd should get enabled & 1st should get disabled. similary when 2nd line item is filled then it should get disabled and 3rd line item should get enabled and so on...  I am attaching the screenshot of the gallery view (outage activities in below screenshot):


What logic we should use in this case?


Can you please post a new thread on this as it is unrelated to the subject of this one.

Helper III
Helper III

ok sir

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