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Errors after renaming PowerApp ('connectioninstanceId' of null, UserInterventionNeeded_StorageLost)

Hi All


I have a PowerApps project in progress (I am the owner of the app) and today I can no longer open it in design view.


Our organisation is running O365 with SharePoint online. We have no desktop Windows Studio version of PowerApps, only the online 'Edit on the Web' design option.


The following error messages suggest that it's an AAD issue. If I run the app (i.e. not open it in design) then it works as required however I suspect this is a cache of the last good build which remains on the (Azure?) service.

Symptoms are as follows;

Error message - "powerapps cannot read property 'connectioninstanceId' of null"

Error message - "Hmmm ... We couldn’t sign you in." with the following log;


Transient storage was lost after navigating to AAD login. This can happen in IE and Edge if Trust Zones are misconfigured.

Error: UserInterventionNeeded_StorageLost
ErrorDescription: Transient storage was lost after navigating to AAD login. This can happen in IE and Edge if Trust Zones are misconfigured.

[INFO] [2017-05-29T05:08:48.905Z] Starting...
[INFO] [2017-05-29T05:08:48.915Z] Came back from AAD login
[WARN] [2017-05-29T05:08:48.916Z] Going to error page: UserInterventionNeeded_StorageLost, Transient storage was lost after navigating to AAD login. This can happen in IE and Edge if Trust Zones are misconfigured.
[WARN] [2017-05-29T05:08:48.916Z] Login failed: UserInterventionNeeded_StorageLost: Transient storage was lost after navigating to AAD login. This can happen in IE and Edge if Trust Zones are misconfigured.


I tried to roll back to earlier versions but I get the same problem. I suspect that renaming the app had something to do with the error.


Note that I can open any other app whether created by myself or others so it's unlikely to be an issue with my account OR the trusted connection settings on my browsers.


I can partially open the app in design view from the File|Open menu in PowerApps Web Studio (Web Studio will only open for other apps). Unfortunately from then on I can no longer see screen thumbnails and all connections are lost. Attempting to recreate connections to SharePoint online was unsuccessful (no error message appeared after clicking 'Select', yet no connection item appeared).


I have tried the following fixes to no avail;
 -Renaming the app back to original name.
 -Rolling back to previous versions.
 -Checking trusted site settings in browsers - no problems there.


Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


I just tried adding to my trusted sites and I am still getting the same error with all our apps connected to CDN.  We are using the eu location to host our apps.

You said "I just tried this "... not sure what "this" is in your case... if you are being hosted on some other site, then you may need to try adding some other Trusted Site url.. perhaps https://*


I am not a URL wiz but that would make some sense..  Just a thought.



Hi GenoRock,


I did use the local url (re-edited the post to reflect that).  Still no luck.  I am using the web version of the editor on this computer for reference.

Hi, does you app contain a flow? (This will help with our investigation)


I am getting the same error and I have multiple flows in my App. 

These apps do not have flows.  I was actually about to add one, but couldn't get in.


Other facts, it is in a secondary environment.  We are using CDN.  Cannot access via either the web or Powerapps for Windows.  Happens with all versions of the app including older ones that haven't been changed recently.

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Hi - no Flows on my app however I can see from the thread that others with the same issue do have flows.

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Same issue. App worked fine until yesterday, no I am unable edit it or download the latest version on mobile.


I DO have a flow on my app.

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Hi All


Update: everything is working well from today (connections, dev thumbnails all good). ICT in my org have not changed anything AFAIK so I'm not sure whether or not the PowerApps team themselves have implemented a fix? Also, as policy prevents me from amending trusted sites I can't provide any feedback on suggestions which were related to that. Thanks all for your help but it would be good to know what the fix was and whether the other members with the same problem have found a resolution?


We were contacted directly by Microsoft and told that situation had been resolved.  No explanation that I know of.

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