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Excel Data source error

I have a Excel table in SharePoint, and I'm trying to pull the data to PowerApps, but this error message appears:


A value must be provided for data set clientRequestId: 9fcb1c78-d7ef-4434-a38a-00f76e062d33 Session ID: 9831e790-fc9d-4c71-9659-244dd89124fe


Is it something in my Excel spreadsheet that I need to fix ? I would appreciate help on this subject. 

Resolver III
Resolver III

Hi, I'm having the same issue. The very simple straight forward 300 rows Excel file worked last week. I could add it as a data source to a new Power App.
Today I cannot add this file as a data source to a new Power App at all. Same file in same SharePoint library, same connector, but nada.
Errormessage as in this post "A value must be provided for data set".


Any suggestions?

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Im having the same exact issue, The connector seems to connect okay, but when I try to actually connect a table from an excel file I get the same error. Even tried it in a blank app with a test table that was the most basic I could make it.. Anyone find a solution? this is really putting a wrench in my development plan


Resolver III
Resolver III

Hi @DeltaDev , absolutely not a good solution but in my case all works well when the Excel files are stored in Onedrive.

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That's really unfortunate, In my case that isn't an option because the tables need to be accessible to other people on our IT team, as well as being completely self sufficient (Not depending on any user profile).
I guess I will just have to use a dozen different lists for now until MS gets this straightened out. 

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I've been beating my head against the wall on this one, and learned that it has to do with the SharePoint site, not the Excel sheet.


I am able to use the Excel for Business connector to connect to some Excel files on my company's SharePoint sites but on others I get the dreaded error cited above. I tried everything to fix the bad sheets. Removing all spaces and special characters from the column headings. Removing all formulas and formatting from call cells in the table. I even went so far as to create a one-row, two-column table on a fresh sheet in a "bad" Excel file. Still got the error!!


I tried to figure out the difference between the sheets that worked and those that didn't. It turned out to have nothing to do with the sheet. It mattered which SharePoint site the sheet was sitting in! I moved one of my "bad" sheets to the document folder alongside one of my "good" sheets and - Bam! - I can connect to the sheet and access data.


I'm not sure what the difference is, but I'm here to say that if you get that error, stop trying to "fix" the spreadsheet. There's likely nothing wrong with it.


For those more familiar than I am with SharePoint, maybe you can help. Here's the difference. The connector reliably throws the above error when the sheet is in our master "intranet" site or one of its subsites. Those sites show up in the connector's site list as "SharePoint Site - <site name>".  The connector works great when the file is in one of the Office 365 Group SharePoint sites, where the name is listed as "Group - <group name>".  Why?  No idea. Could be a Microsoft issue or it could be the way we set up our intranet site.


I would welcome any comments. 

@BostonSailor I too just had exact issue. The excel works in one SharePoint site and not on other. As you said works on sites which listed as "Group - <group name>" and not when listed as "SharePoint Site - <site name>". 

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