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Resolver III
Resolver III

Excel Online (business) Connector how to use in PowerApps


I am rather stumped trying to use this connector in PowerApps.  I was able to easily use if in Flow; all the required values just appeared.  I tried cutting and pasting those values into a PowerApps expression but no luck.  So I am asking the following questions:


  1.  How does one get values for string source,string drive, string file, etc.?  GetDrives does not seem to be supported in PowerApps, e.g.
  2.  How does one use say GetTables (string source, string drive, string file, [internal][Optional]string $select) in PowerApps?  Would it be used with ClearCollect() or a function that creates an arrary?  Does this function return all rows of the Excel table?
  3.  To add a row in a table, would one use Patch() and GetTables (string source, string drive, string file, [internal][Optional]string $select)?  


What would be most helpful is an example of how to access a table stored in a SharePoint library, in say a folder in thaet library.  Additionally, how would such a table have one or more rows of new data added to it?


Thanks in advance.  I have been stumped often in PowerApps but as often have hacked my way out or found a helfpful hint on a post or blog, but not this time.  

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Thanks Mr. Dang.


I could apply the same technique that you have shown to get a table from excel online for business, and with some initial hiccups (as usual), I could get this to work.


It makes me wonder, as to why Microsoft has made it easier to get en excel table stored OneDrive, but havent provided an wasy way out to get the table data from excel online for business.


Much appreciate your help. Cheers !!




Hello @Mr-Dang-MSFT 

Would like to understand the rational behind why "Excel Online (Business)" connector is not meant for PowerApps. 
Though Microsoft's documentation says otherwise and the solution mentioned by you is just an workaround instead of actually getting PG to fix the Bug ?

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Hi @Mr-Dang-MSFT ,


As you suggested in the ""

I am using "List Rows Present in a table" action to get data from a table in my Excel sheet and sending the output as Input for "Response" action and it works perfect. What i would like to do is send more than one table to powerapps. i.e in my Excel i have 3 tables which i would like to send to Powerapps. Can you please suggest how can i achieve this.




@lmheimendinger wrote:
If a different user needs to modify the app it switches to that users one drive and that is not workable.

Yes! Thanks @lmheimendinger !

That's the current problem with Excel on OneDrive being used as a PowerApp Connector.

The OneDrive area is tied to a particular (the app developer? ) corporate user's account and not a shared/group OneDrive storage area.

The Excel Online (Business) connector appears to use shared storage areas (SharePoint), but is only available for Flow/Automate and not PowerApps:

Excel Online (Business) connectorExcel Online (Business) connector


@Anonymous, it's possible to send back anything you want from the flow, but the more you send back, the less performant your app is. It is possible to send back one flow with the data from multiple tables, but you will need to play with the JSON. I think it is easier to maintain and edit if you make multiple flows instead.

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