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Failed to read metadata from file source.

Hi All, 


I created an app for a client, the app basically is a series of forms using text input and dropdowns for the user to answer questions, some are quantitative and some are qualitative. There are 2 Excel documents connected to the App via OneDrive, 1 feeds information to the app to populate dropdowns and another brings the inputs from the users back to Excel. When finished, I exported the App (it creates a zipfolder) and sent it to the client, along with the two Excels which they saved to OneDrive. They imported the App into their environment and used their OneDrive as the connector so that the App could connect with the Excel docs. After running it, the App is now giving the client the error of "Failed to read metadata from file source. " Saying that some the tables from the Excel weren't found or the App wasn't able to read them. 


Can someone help me with this? I will share a screenshot of the error. Appreciate any help or advice!! 

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Super User

You'll probably need to edit the app within their environment and re-connect the tables within Excel to the app. The IDs for the Excel files and the tables within them won't be the same as in your environment.


Hope that helps,


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Hi, thank you for the help! Unfortunately, I already did that with the client and they seem to still be getting the issue. I re-connected using their OneDrive files through their environment. Is there something else I can do to fix it? 

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Hi There,


I think I found the solution to this error. I also got the same error and finally figured it out. Only one thing you have to do is, you have to share the Excel Document with the individual users/user groups through the OneDrive. If users are intended to just read the data, remember to give only "Can View" permission. If there are any users who need editing permission, either add them individually or make an office group and give "Can Edit" permission. 


Hope this still helps you.



Note: Share the Excel file/files as below.



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