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Advocate II

Field defaulting to another choice

I have a very large form that I created through PowerApps. In the form, there is 1 field called "business line".  It is a single choice drop-down field and and one point, the first choice in the list was the default choice that was set.  I have since taken the default away and do not want the business line field to default - I have removed the default from the SharePoint list settings.


What is happening is that the completer of the form chooses a business line lower down on the list, they save it, all is good.  Sometime over the next couple of days, the business line choice changes to the first one on the list which was the old default.  This appears to be happening when someone goes in and edits the form. (There are actually 2 forms - new and edit) As you can imagine, this is causing us problems.  What am I missing? Is there something that I need to be changing in PowerApps - is that why this is happening?

Memorable Member
Memorable Member

Is the Sp list Column also a dropdown?


I dont use dropdowns ever any more in a SP list and leave it all to Powerapps.  What I do is select the DataCard and add a Drop down to it.  I make the Field in the datacard hidden with its default set to DropDown?.Selected.Value


The Dropdown gets populated with you values you want to select. If a lot I make another SP list and then do a collection at start and use thee to populate teh dropdown


Then in the the dropdown defult I put 


If(Isblank(Parent.Default),"Value from dropdown",Parent.Default)


This means the field I want in my sharepoint list is always based on the  dropdown which is based on the field value

I'm sorry. I'm not sure I'm following. Yes, it's a dropdown in the SP list.

I was just saying,  I never use SP dropdowns and keep them as Text fields instead. 


I use Powerapps to do the work.  I dont have anyone going to SP directly so I have no need.  By using this method I can also automate a lot easier the process to add to dropdowns via other list etc.  I have greater contraol and flexibility


If I want a drop down I simply add one inside a data card and do the formulas like I mentionede eralier

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