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Field on Edit Form not updating in SP list

Hi everyone!


I have this edit form in an app that updates 2 SP columns when submitted (ColumnA and ColumnB). My problem is that ColumnA is successfully updated but ColumnB is not. What's weirder is that this form is used in 3 separate screens. On the 1st screen, the 2 columns are updated successfully in SP. But on the other screens, the issue happens. I have already tried deleting the SP column and re-adding it, now it works on both the 1st and 2nd screen, but in the 3rd one the issue still happens.


The field doesn't have formulas or conditions, I just simply put the text "No" so when the form is submitted, the column will always be updated to "No"



I hope someone can shed some light on this 😞 

Super User
Super User

Hi @katrina_123456 

I am assuming that you show the highlighted control for a reason.  If this is the one causing the problem, then et the Default for DataCardValue108 to "No" and check the Update property of the card holding that control.  Make sure that it says DataCardValue108.Text.  If you don't want anyone to change it, set the DisplayMode property of the card to Disabled.  Also check in SharePoint that the Column type is single line of text. 

FYI, there are really only two important properties for a field on a form, one is the Default property of the control in that field's card and the other is the Update property of the card itself.   The rest are just bells and whistles.

Hi! I've checked the items you said and it's all correct. Also, the form is hidden so no one can change it.





Additional info: all the SubmitForm on the app on 3 screens works on my demo tenant copy. But this issue I posted just happened on the client side already. 

Super User
Super User


Try this test, set the Update property of Card to "No" and see what happens when you save it.  If that doesn't work, delete the card and then add it back again. Also, are you using SubmitForm() to save the data to your SPlist? 

Hi, I did all what you said, still doesn't work 😞 I also remove the data source connection and reconnected it but still not fixed. Yes, I'm using it to save data on SP list.

Super User
Super User

Wow @katrina_123456 

I'm at a loss. Doesn't make sense.

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