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Fill textboxes from combobox and save info in a different sheet

Hey guys!


Totally newbie here, I was doing a macro in Excel when I thought that maybe I could do the same as an app, still learning thou. So what I want to create is a form whith multiple fields as you see in the attached image. Data is coming from an excel file in onedrive. I have 2 different sheets each one with a table. "Bds" for the names of database and "Registros" will be the one in which the data is gonna be saved.


So the thing is that I want to populate the database name based on the category you chose in the dropdown, which I already populated. So I want to bring the name from the table "Bds" but as you can see in the table, each name is in a specific row different column( base de datos1, base de datos 2, and so on until 8).

Also, I want to bring the latest data(which I think I can make it with vb to always sort from the newest on that table) of that database name from "Registros", that will be for Ticket No, comment and last update.


At the end I want to save and send everything to the Registros Sheet/table, but as you can see there are 8 rows of data that are going to be sent to the table, so with the next record, 8 new rows are going to be added and so on.


Is it possible, is it too much? Sorry for the long post, I'm still learning.


Any advice is appreciated, even if it is to go back to excel haha.


Thank you guys!



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Hi @WarrenBelz !

I got it working with the following code, this one is on my save button, On select, is that ok?


        fecha1.SelectedDate + 
            Value(Minutos.Selected.Value), 0
        Name: Nombre.Text,
        Category: (Category.Selected.Result),
        Base1: Bd1.Text,
        Status1: Estatus1.Value,
        Ticket1: Value(Ticket1.Text),
        Comment: Coment1.Text


  I already managed to add 8 lines of data, how can I autopopulate some textboxes base on the selection of the dropdown?

HI @Anonymous ,

Same way you are populating Category - although yo do not need the brackets around it.

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But the data source comes from the datasource: Registros not from the "form" Is it possible?

@Anonymous ,

You can possibly do this with a Lookup if Registros has a common field value linking it with the data source on your screen.

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Hi @WarrenBelz !

I finally got everything working,The app is working as it should, thanks for your guidance! I just got to figure this last thing out. So as you know I have a bounch of textboxes that are collected and then sent to an excel table source with a forall function in a button. Is it possible to sort that source table by column date after the data is sent? Meaning when I open the excel file, is already sort by that column, is it possible? This is important as I'm using a Lookup function in some textboxes and I need to bring the latest data from that table.

Hi @Anonymous ,

If you display it in a gallery, then yes you can sort the gallery any way you want - is this what you mean?

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