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Filter Gallery Based on Another Gallery's Selection



I know similar questions have been posted before. However, their setups were different, or the solutions didn't work for me. Plus I'm still learning.


I have 2 SharePoint (SP) Lists:

  1. "fiscal years" with a single column called "years".
    • This is connected to the Fiscal Years Gallery (attached picture).
  2. "calendar" with multiple columns.
    • Two of these columns are "FY Affected" and "Measure".
    • The "FY Affected" column has rows of years similar to 1. above.
    • The "Measures" column has rows of text data


What I am trying to do:

  • When I select a year from the Fiscal Years Gallery, I want the Measures Gallery to show only those Measures from the "calendar" SP list pertaining to only the selected year.


The formula I entered for the Measures Gallery - Items property, does not work. Would appreciate any help with this.


Thank you.

Dual Super User
Dual Super User

@poweruser_21 ,

Try this formula for items property of the Measures Gallery:

Filter(calendar,'FY Affected'=Gallery2.Selected.Years)

Hope it helps !




Thanks for your prompt response. It doesn't seem to like the ".Years".


2022-01-11 12_41_24-Window.png


I've tried the following as well:

  • Gallery2.Selected
  • Gallery2.SelectedItem
  • Gallery2.SelectedItems
  • Gallery2.Selected.ID
  • Gallery2.Selected.Value
  • Gallery2.Selected.Item
  • Gallery2.Selected.Items

None of these work unfortunately.



It is the name of your column from 'fiscal years' list, so it should be years (without first capital letter). 

I will correct my post if it works, otherwise we'll keep looking for the answer. 

I see.

  • In this case, the name of my column is simply 'fy'.
  • I tried Gallery2.Selected.fy; but was not successful.


2022-01-11 13_19_59-Window.png


However, looking at the annotated error in the picture above made me realize that, and I apologize I didn't mention these details earlier:

  • the 'FY Affected' column from the "calendar" SP list, is formatted as a Choice in SP
  • and the 'fy' column from the "fiscal_years" SP list, is formatted as a Number in SP

Do these details help?


Hi @poweruser_21

Let me make it easy for you:

1). 'FY Affected' column is a Choice type from the 'calendar' SP list

2). 'fy' column is a Number type from the 'fiscal_years' SP list

3). You want to filter calendar list based on the 'FY Affected' column that has similar year like the 'fy' column in 'fiscal_years' SP list


If the above is correct, please modify your formula as below:

Filter(calendar,'FY Affected'.Value=Text(Gallery2.Selected.Years))
Best Regards,

Thanks Qi,


I didn't get a chance to test your formula as I created a work around for my issue. But I learned something new with your solution (converting to Text)!


Thanks to you, and @gabibalaban for your responses.

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