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Filter Gallery based on Created By and Checkbox

Hi, everyone.

Still fairly new to PowerApps and the filter on my gallery is confounding me. I want to filter the items in the list based on the user. So when Johnny Enduser gets into the app, the Browse screen only shows him his items in the list. That is working fine:


Filter('List Name','Created By'.Email=User().Email)


Now I want to modify my filter so that it excludes items where the Completed checkbox is true. What's getting me is that my Completed column doesn't always appear in the formula builder. That tells me that I must not be building my formula correctly. How do I build this filter? It's simply called "Completed" and it's a yes/no checkbox. Based on what I've found online, shouldn't I be able to tack onto my existing filter with additional criteria?


Filter('List Name','Created By'.Email=User().Email) && If('Completed' = true)


Clearly I'm doing something wrong.


Accepted Solutions


You can't use a label inside of a gallery as a filter.  You need to filter the Items of the gallery by the name of the column in SharePoint that contains the data. 

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Super User
Super User



Yeah, you can't delete once you start. Super annoying.


Welcome back.  

If you put a  label in the gallery and it returns ... true, then your formula should be Filter('List Name','Created By'.Email=User().Email) && 'Completed'=true),   If the label returns yes then you will need to modify the formula. to  Filter('List Name','Created By'.Email=User().Email) && 'Completed'="yes")

My label returns true/false. Is there an open paren missing? Should it be:

Filter('List Name','Created By'.Email=User().Email) && ('Completed'="true")

Also, I only want it to show records where Completed = False (or incomplete). So that would be:

Filter('List Name','Created By'.Email=User().Email) && ('Completed'="false")

That doesn't work. It says the name isn't valid, but it's a label I manually added, so I know it is. And the label is displaying the correct values of true/false where appropriate. I have found other discussions where trying to filter on a true/false checkbox is a little gimpy, but people seem to have found success with filtering on false. Since that's what I want to do, I'm hoping it is achievable if I can write my formula correctly. Are there other ways to write it besides the one above?


Filter('List Name','Created By'.Email=User().Email && 'Completed'="false")

Filter('List Name','Created By'.Email=User().Email && CompletedLabel="false")

"This rule creates a circular reference between properties, which is not allowed. A property cannot reference itself or other properties affected by its value".



You can't use a label inside of a gallery as a filter.  You need to filter the Items of the gallery by the name of the column in SharePoint that contains the data. 

Advocate I
Advocate I

PowerApp doesn't allow us to use 'Created by'.Email .
'Created by'.DisplayName not equal to User().FullName.

I found such a solution. We can use Claims as a weird workaround of email. 

'Created By'.Claims = "i:0#.f|membership|" & Lower(User().Email) )

Pay attention, it throws delegation warning


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