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Filter Gallery based on previous selected Gallery option

Hi All!


I'm relatively new to the scene and am attempting my first major App. 


Long story short, I'm making something similar to the "Interview" sample app. 


Conducting a short interview and placing the results into a list.


At the moment I have two Lists. 


ListA (Events)

ListB (Events People)


ListA contains two Columns: EventName, Date

ListB contains over a dozen colums


I have a lookup column in ListB to ListA for the name of the event.


The Idea is to have Gallery1 show all Events and Gallery2 to filter based on whatever event you chose on Gallery1.


From Gallery2, you can Add a new entry to ListB via a series of forms.


Essentially, I'm trying to build the Interview app, and not having much success. 


Looks like my main issue is carrying variables from one gallery to another.




Any help would be appreciated.

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Memorable Member

In the Items property of ListB you have to use a Filter, something like: 


Filter(TableB, EventName = ListA.Selected.Eventname)

This way you only load records from table B with the same eventname you have selected in the first listbox.


In the EditForm you will use to create a new listing for ListB you add a datacard for the Eventname, but you change the Datault value from Parent.Default to ListA.Selected.Eventname and then you can make it invisible. That way the Eventname will be automatically entered depending the contents of ListA, but not shown. The user cannot be allowed to change this value, since that would break the link to the Event-table.


Thanks for this. Very helpful. I assume I'd need to declare a variable of somekind (on the "forward" button) for the ListA to take whatever I selected from the Gallery? 


Sorry, this is extremely difficult to explain, but I'll do my best 🙂

No, no need to declare a variable, you can still access the ListaA.Selected... from another screen.

Woo! It's working - Although the second list doesn't seem to pull through the details of TableB. 


Seems to set the Text - To "Thisitem.Name" 


Which seems correct, as the name of the person is infact what I want, but it's blank. No error...


Any idea?

The best, as least I think so since it's the way I do it :), is to set the actual input control's Default property, not the Text property. 


The Text property is used when you edit an existing record, and the Default when you create a new one, so it should me OK that it's set.


Can you add screen shots and examples of your fomulas? It's much easier to understand what's going on that way.

I suppose that is a good call 🙂


You can see from this SS that Gallery1 Is working fine. It pulls through all the data (unfiltered) from ListA (Expos)




























As for the second SS you can see that it knows there is data, but it's not sure what ... When previewing the app however, it seems that the section is blank 😕

























Below are my lists: 


ListB - Has a lookup to ListA


ListA - Lookup from B goes to "Expo"



Hopefully this makes things a little clearer 🙂

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The Filter option on gallery 2 based on the selected value in gallery 1 should work fine.


i have a question though which i can´t figure out myself and is the following:


i would like to have a single gallery (galleryprojects) and filter the gallery based on 2 diferent selections galleries  (Project Status = "on hold",etc) and Project Cluster (Cluster 1, Cluster 2).


Is this possible? in the ITEMS  section of the gallery projects i have the formula similar to the above, but when i choose project status, galleryprojects gets filtered by the choice, it won´t let me then choose cluster and filter the same galleryprojects.

Hope it is clear. Thanks!


Found the tweak!

Anywhere on the screen, I have created a text label (txtlabel1) for STATUS and another text label (txtlaber2) for CLUSTER with visible property=False


For STATUS In the "text" section i have this formula for txtlabel1 


this is to "capture" the selected STATUS


For CLUSTER In the "text" section i have this formula for txtlabel2


this is to capture the selected CLUSTER


Then on the galleryprojects Items i put the following formula:


Filter(projecttable;Label3.Text in STATUS && Label5.Text in CLUSTER) 

and that allows you to filter galleryprojects based on the selected values of the other galleries.


Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

Can you use Filter(projecttable,status=statusgallery.Selected.Status,cluster=clustergallery.Selected.Cluster)
Gets rid of the text boxes then and slight speed increase.
Impactful Individual
Impactful Individual

from your latest reply I think you trying to change a field rather than the form itself.
I'm assuming you have 2 forms (1 for list a and 1 for list b)
In the navigation on the left click the form name for list a, now on the right go to 'advanced'. In the data source property put name of list a, in the item property put listagalleryname.Selected
Do the same for the other form and gallery for list b
Remember listagalleryname is whatever it is called in the left hand navigation and data source is whatever your SharePoint list is called (they will appear underneath as you type, and also remember case sensitive on all functions and names

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