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Filter Gallery using multiple conditions

Hello All, I hoping some genius out there can help me. I am trying to use multiple dropdowns, a toggle and a checkbox to filter a SPO list using a gallery.


I have a two SPO lists. 1. Audits 2. Audit Tasks.

I created two Galleries: 1. Gallery_AllAudits 2. Gallery_Tasklist_1.

Gallery_Tasklist_1 filters from the SPO Audit Tasks based upon Gallery_AllAudit item selected. 

I have multiple dropdowns (above the Gallery_Tasklist_1) that I want to use to filter the Gallery_Tasklist_1 specific to the selected Audit. 


I'm having several issues.

1. How can I filter the gallery based the dropdowns independtly, the way it's setup now, it doesn't filter the list.

Inp_AuditName_1 Default: Gallery_AllAudits.Selected.Audit_Name

2. How can I add a filter based upon a toggle (SPO yes/no field) nor the Checkbox (SPO yes/no field).



This is the syntax I current have for Gallery_TaskList_1:


Filter('Audit Tasks',If(IsBlank(Inp_AuditName_1.Text),true,Audit_Name=Inp_AuditName_1.Text)&&

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Super User II



Ok, so you want multiple options to filter by and for them all to be applied individually - there are two main ways to go about this:

As a starter, either:

1. Include an "ALL" item into your dropdowns by adding it as the first item when collecting the items, for example:


                     //Here we are adding a single record
                     //Whose value for all filterable columns is "ALL"
                          'Profit Centre Name': "ALL",



2. Do multiple top-level 'If' statements (always top-level to prevent delegation issues) - I do not recommend this option, as you will have to provide an 'If' case for all possible options, which becmes hard to debug


So carrying on from Choice 1.


You would then set on the Gallery_Tasklist_1 Items = something like:


          'Audit Tasks',
          //Here they have selected All, so we are checking if they did and not filtering
          Inp_AuditName_1.Text = "ALL"
          //Otherwise, filter by what they chose
          Audit_Name = Inp_AuditName_1.Text
           Dropdown_Req.Selected.Result = "ALL"
           Req_x002e__x0023_= Dropdown_Req.Selected.Result
          Dropdown_Ref.Selected.Result = "ALL"
          Ref_x002e_ID = Dropdown_Ref.Selected.Result 
          Dropdown_ARequest.Selected.Result ="ALL"
          Comment = Dropdown_ARequest.Selected.Result
SPOtoggleColumnName = Toggle1
SPOCheckBoxColumn = Checkbox1 )



The Toggle and Checkbox items act as boolean variables themselves, so you can filter by:

BooleanColumnName = ToggleName


BooleanColumnName = CheckboxName



Please give this a try and feel free to reply here if you have any questions, I'll try get back to you as soon as I can (but I also have my day-to-day work to attend to) 🙂





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Sancho Harker, MVP

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