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Filter Items in Browse Gallery with a multiple values column

I have a BrowseGallery for a list and I am trying to filter the list using ComboBox of fields within my list.

I am having problems trying to use a column as filter when the column is allow for "Multiple values".



IDStatus (Paid or Created)Items (Apple, Orange, Pear)
1PaidApple, Orange
3CreatedApple, Orange, Pear


Status is a Type = Choice, where it can only have one value. {Paid, Created}
Items is a Type=LookUp (Allow Multiple values), where user can multi-select from a pre-defined list {Apple, Orange, Pear}.


I created a ComboBox where I can multi-select the Status Paid or Created so that I can toggle between selecting one of the status on return both status in my gallery using the below formula

Filter( tranx_list , Status.Value = Concat( ComboBox_Status.SelectedItems , Value) )


My issue is when I created a ComboBox for my "Items" variable where I can multi-select the Items to selecting either Apple, Orange or Pear, or any combination of the 3. I don't know how to make my filter formula work.

"Items.Value" DataType is a Table and I am stuck trying to make it work within my Filter formula.


I would like to be able to select the items in my "ComboBox_Items" so that it filters the list according.

i.e. if 
"ComboBox_Items" selected {Apple} then ID 1,2,3 ... is returned
"ComboBox_Items" selected {Orange} then ID 1,3... is returned
"ComboBox_Items" selected {Apple, Pear} then ID 3... is returned


It sounds reasonable but I been stuck for a while.
Would appreciate it if someone can help me out.


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This is an example of why I hate lookup fields in SharePoint.  Your Items field contains a one to many relationship within the Items column.  I like to have a second table that includes the ID from the Parent table (transaction list) as a field in the Child(Items) list in addition to all the other information about the item such as quantity, price per item, vendor, etc. The screenshot shows a canvas app created for a fictitious company Northwind Products that was created by Microsoft and developed according to sound database principles.  The left hand column are the transactions, (Orders) which is the parent table, the upper right are the transaction details from the same table,  below it is the child table of items associated with those orders and beneath that is the light blue shaded form for entering new items into the order.!2.jpg

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Found a solution that is more suited to my issue. Link here for reference.


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