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Re: Filter a filter

@DRCICI_Dev --

Is it a yellow triangle warning message or a blue dot message? If it's the yellow triangle, then the formula won't work. If it's the blue dot, then it just means that delegation won't work -- which makes sense because in is only delegated for SQL Server and for Salesforce. Also, in case you didn't know: when a function isn't delegable, only the first 500 records in the data source will be calculated and such.



As for the ! (Not) operator -- I used these docs.



And I also took a beginner programming class in C++ this semester (I'm a student), so this boolean logic isn't that new to me.


tl;dr The Not operator only reverses a boolean value. i.e. Turns True to False, and turns False to True.

This bit of code, without the --

Filter( Participant,
    ( ID in Filter( 'Attended Event', 
        PrimaryID = eventGallery.Selected.PrimaryID
    ).ParticipantID )

returns the list of participants that attended an event. Note that if a certain participant has attended the event, the condition evaluates to true. If a certain participant has NOT attended the event, the condition evaluates to false


What we want is to negate the condition. i.e. If a certain participant has attended the event, condition has to evaluate to false. If a certain participant has NOT attended the event, condition has to evaluate to trueSo, I used the Not operator to get the inverse of the condition given above.


And don't worry about not finding the appropriate documentation. PA suffers from a severe lack of good documentation (many people have complained about it). If anything's not clear, then just ask in this community. I've seen more trivial problems.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

Re: Filter a filter

Thats real good work!

I like the use of !NOT and the correct wording of 'in' to create joins.


Regarding the correct title. should it be something like:

"compare Tables against Tables"

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