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Helper I

Filter a list gallery with values from another list

Hi all,


I have one Gallery(ClientDataGallery) connected to a SharePoint list - Client Data

I have another SharePoint list - Client Attendance


Here is what I am trying to achieve: ClientDataGallery shows who should be clocked in today, and as people are clocked in on the Client Attendance list they are hidden from that gallery.


Both lists have a managed metadata column with the same name - Client Name (single selection only - can't add own values)


The ClientDataGallery has a filter that works great.



Filter('Client Data', Day.Value = DayLabel.Text && 'Workshop Attending'.Value = WorkshopDropdown.SelectedText.Value)



I want to add to this so that when people are clocked in on the Client Attendance list today, they do not appear on the ClientDataGallery


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Super User
Super User


Please try the following,

Filter('Client Data',
	Day.Value = DayLabel.Text &&
	'Workshop Attending'.Value = WorkshopDropdown.SelectedText.Value &&
	!('Client Name' in ShowColumns('Client Attendance', "Client Name"))

Hello, thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately, I receive a couple of errors:


!('Client Name' in ShowColumns('Client Attendance', "Client_x0020_Name"))


Client Name shows the error "Expecting a Record Value" & Your formula is missing a column  "Client_x0020_Name" with type Record.


Client_x0020_Name shows the error expecting a Table value, but of a different Schema & your formula is missing a column 'Label' with a type of 'Text'


Please try the following,

!('Client_x0020_Name' in ShowColumns('Client Attendance', "Client_x0020_Name"))
Helper I
Helper I

Still not working, unfortunately, I believe it is the managed metadata columns (Client Names) that are messing it up.


I have recreated both lists and galleries using a text column instead of a managed metadata column and created 3 Galleries, 1 for the first list, 1 for the second list, and 1 for the comparison and it works great, even with a different method:

Filter(Gallery1.AllItems, !(ClientNameA in Gallery2.AllItems.ClientNameB)).ClientNameA


We would prefer to have these columns as managed metadata, anyone have any ideas on how to make this work with managed metadata columns? 

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