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Filter and Sort not working for BrowseGallery1

Trying to add a filter based on a column in the list my app is pointing to.  The column name is Status.  If I add a filter section from what I've read in documentation, this does not work and blanks out everything.  Here is what I have currently.


SortByColumns(Search('Laptop/Surface Pro Tracking', TextSearchBox1.Text, "Title"), "Title", If(SortDescending1, Descending, Ascending)) 


I want to keep the sort by Title, but have it filter to Status<>Decommissioned where it will exclude that status on BrowseGallery1.  I also want  to keep the search on the Title which I am using as the device asset tag.  Here is what I've tried so far:


SortByColumns(Search('Laptop/Surface Pro Tracking', TextSearchBox1.Text, "Title"), Filter( 'Laptop/Surface Pro Tracking', TextSearchBox1.Text in Text( Status <> Decommissioned )), If(SortDescending1, Descending, Ascending))




Sort(Filter( 'Laptop/Surface Pro Tracking', TextSearchBox1.Text in Text( Status <> Decommissioned ))), Title, If(SortDescending1, SortOrder.Descending, SortOrder.Ascending))


Any thoughts on what I might need to do? 

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Welcome to the PowerApps Community, wpotter!


You need to nest your Filter function inside the Search function. The key to understanding how to do this is when you realise that Search's first parameter the data source can also be the result of another function. Check it out below:


SortByColumns(Search(Filter('Laptop/Surface Pro Tracking', Status <> "Decommissioned") TextSearchBox1.Text, "Title"), "Title", If(SortDescending1, Descending, Ascending))


NB: Your Filter condition, Status <> "Decommissioned" also needed to have quotes around Decommissioned, which makes it a string literal.

That did not work.  The Browse gallery goes blank again and I get some errors on the formula


"The Function 'Search' has some invalid arguments."


"Suggestion: Part of this formula cannot be evaluated remotely due to service limitations.  Highlighted operation is not supported by column 'Status'."


This was after copy and pasting your suggestion. 


To add, both Status and Title are the column names in the sharepoint list.  I see Title is in quotes, but not Status. 

So the blue highlight went from Status to the <>.  It doesn't seem to like that.  != doesn't work either.  Is there another item we should use for "does not equal" ?

I'm making a test app now. What's your data source?

It's a SharePoint List. 

Sorry I did see that above but you replied too quickly...


Can you please confirm the column type of Status, is it a Single line of text, Choice, Lookup...?

It's choice, sorry.

OK, if you replace the Status <> "Decommissioned" with the below code you'll see a blue line and a similar message to the one above, but it does actually work for me:


Not("Decommissioned" in Status.Value)


Note that all Choice columns need to have the .Value appended to access your value.


Let me know if this works for you

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