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Filter gallery based on choice field in list not working

I am trying to filter a gallery based on a drop down.  The table is Product_Enhancement_Requests, the column for fitlering is named Product_x0020_Area, the dropdown is named dropdown1 and items in the dropdown are set to ["Admin", "Alerts", "Benchmark"].  In the Gallery the Items is set to: 


Filter(Product_Enhancement_Requests,Dropdown1.Selected.Value in "Product_x0020_Area")


There is no syntax error so I believe the syntax is correct.


However, the gallery gives no results for any of the options selected in the drop down.  There are records with these values in the table (in a SharePoint List).


I have also tried using the following filter syntax but these didn't work either:


Filter([@Product_Enhancement_Requests],Dropdown1.Selected.Value in "Product_x0020_Area")




This seems like it should be a very simple filter statement but I cannot get it to work.  Please help.


I believe the blue dot is a suggestion (not an error) and is regarding to delegation.  Read the article on delegation ( and you will see what the blut dots are.  In summary, I believe it is reminding you that if your list/source has more than 500 items then PowerApps will only process 500 items at a time (so the whole of the line items will not appear in your gallery if it is over 500 items).  You could potentially off-load some of your list items into a separate list built using a flow query to bring the count down to inside of 500 - then build the gallery against the new, smaller sub-set list.  I am having to do this on project I am working on now.  I am not sure it will work but we will see.

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The link says that the filter command for sharepoint IS supported - however it doesnt appear to be as I'm getting the blue dot...

My understanding is that delegation is indeed supported but the fine print when I read it indicated that it would only work on 500 items at a time (hence the blue dot).  

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Correct me if im wrong but isnt the article saying that powerapps can use delegation to make the data source perform the formula where possible. When not possible and the complexity of the formula supercedes the power of the data source to compute the answer, the app will only download 500 records and perform the formula within itself.


Based on this, a data source that supports delegation should not suffer the 500 item limit?


The filter function is supported by sharepoint, but seemingly not when filtering on choices - bizarre.

My understanding is that there are two layers to this.  1) The filter function has problems with filtering on choice fields at this time hence the need to create the second single line of text field that is a copy of the choice field ... and then filter on it.  2) Regardless of trying to filter on a choice field, a single line of text field, or other type of field, if you try the filter function it is delegable on Shraepoint lists but only for certain conditional operators (ie: "=") ... AND there was additional information at the end of the article that lead me to beleive that even on delegation there are still limitations to what power apps will handle and that limitation is the 500 line items ... hence the blue dot which are suggestions to move the processing elswhere in the ecosystem.  I caveat all this with the general statement that this is how I understood the article.  You may be able draw another conclusion than I did.

I've got the same issue

I do not understant in regard with --> Second, if you’d like to filter the set of items that you are showing in the gallery control, you will make use of a “Filter” expression, rather than the “Search” expression, which is the default that existing apps used. With our changes, SharePoint connector now supports “equals” type of queries on columns that support filtering (Single line of text, choice, numbers, dates and people), 


all the conditions are respected for delegation Function = "filter" / Operator = "equal" and column type is "choice")

so shouldn't it work ?


Powerapps visibly refuses to delegate ChoiceField.value  (in my powerpaps .value is underlined with a blue line)


As far I find no turnaround for this  heavy limitation

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In order to get around the delegation issues when filtering on SharePoint choice and boolean fields I pull the list I want to filter on into a collection.  Once you've done that you can filter/search/whatever on the collection without any delegation issues since the data is now stored locally within the PowerApp.

Here's a link to another post I responded to that details doing this with a boolean field

The same technique works for choice fields.  Please see the attached screenshot that shows the configuration for filtering the Client field from the linked post.  The filter formula for the Client field is simpler than for the Project field in my other post since in this case I'm just trying to filter down to Clients that are Active.  The Active field is a Choice column in a SharePoint list called Clients and has the options "Yes" and "No".  I pulled the Clients list into a collection called localClients using the formula specified in the OnSelect action.  And then I used the formula in formula bar to filter down to just the clients that have Active set to "Yes".

Let me know if you need me to provide more details.

- Derek

*Edited to add that other techniques such as using calculated fields didn't work for me, which is why I use the above method.

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