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Filter items in gallery based on all items of another gallery



I'm building a power page based on the Dynamics 365 entities.

It consists of 2 galleries - left and right.

In the left gallery user has all Subcategories that are available. In the right one there is an entity called Chosen Subcategories which has lookup to Subcategory.

I need a formula to filter the left gallery to show only items that are not added as Chosen Subcategory. Something like 

GalleryLeft.Item.SubcategoryId != Any(GalleryRight.SubcategoryId).

Problem is that I can't compare ThisItem.SubcategoryId with GalleryRight.AllItems because it is different type and GalleryRight.Selected is wrong because I need to compare to all of the items.






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Hi @JJarmuzek,

in the items property of your left gallery you will want to use something similar to the following:

LeftGalleryName.SubcategoryID <> RightGalleryName.Selected.SubcategoryID

 However, this will only filter if an item in the right gallery has been selected. if you want it to default to show everything when there hasn't been a selection you will want to add an IF statement as follows:

LeftGalleryName.SubcategoryID <> RightGalleryName.Selected.SubcategoryID

You will need to adjust the list name and gallery names for your app.


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thanks for the answer but this doesn't solve my problem.

Gallery on the left shows available items. User click "+" to create a new record of entity on the right. Item on left is only a lookup to an item on the right.

I can't show any of the left items that exist in the right gallery.

Any SubcategryId from left list must not exist in ChosenCategory.SubcategoryId (right).

It should trigger on load and button clicks

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Can you try to elaborate on your issue a bit more? I am really confused as to what you are actually trying to do.

Also, you said you want it to filter on load, but if that filter requires an item in your gallery to have been selected then that filter wont work because it requires a selection to trigger it. 

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Req: I don't want to show on the left any entities that has been created before and are visible on the right.




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ok I get what you're trying to do now, you're going to want to adjust the following code into your left gallery's items property:

Filter(LeftGalleryListName,Not(SubCategoryID exactin RightGalleryName.AllItems.SubCategoryID))

adjust the gallery/column names to yours and it will only show the entries in your list where left gallery's subcategory ID's don't exist in the right gallery

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Thank you for the contribution, I think we are closer but there are still issues.


My filter statement is 

Filter('Request Subcategory',Not(ThisRecord.'Request Subcategory' exactin publicRequestCategories.AllItems.'Request Subcategory'))


But I get error on this formula: Can't convert this data type. Power Apps can't convert this Guid to a Record.


When I select the items in formula it says that "AllItems.Request Subcategory" is table and ThisRecord.Request Subcategory is Guid. Both datasources for galleries are Dynamics 365 entities. Are you able to help here?

Hi @JJarmuzek ,

You cannot filter a gallery conditional on its own content - you need to filter the source of the gallery - Assuming the list name here

   !(SubcategoryId in GalleryRight.AllItems.SubcategoryId)


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@WarrenBelz @One 

Unfortunately this is still giving me the error, it looks like I can't access the primary key column on the source entity for this gallery.




@JJarmuzek ,

It is highly useful to mention your data source as this can completely affect any response. I am a SharePoint user, so will bow out, but I still believe the issue lies in the area I mentioned.

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