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Post Partisan
Post Partisan

Filter parent and child lists from one search combobox

I have two lists that are geographical locations.  One is the parent list and the other a child list.  They are tied together via the parent ID.  


I'd like people to be able to select a state, for instance, and have it filter through all locations in the parent and the child site and return the results BUT direct the user to contact the parent site.  

No doubt, there is a formal name for what I'm trying to do but I have no idea what it is or how to even clearly explain it.  So, I'm including some examples that I hope will help. 


I need to be pointed in the right direction as the best way to accomplish this.  Right now, my search works perfectly fine searching on the parent list -- but we've now added children and want to direct people to the parent -- if there is a parent.  

Thanks in advance for your consideration and guidance on how to approach this.  


Example of Parent and Child Records - Results to be returned.png


Helper I
Helper I

Forget what i wrote all wrong

Super User
Super User

Hi @CindyZ 


Please share a piece of information to help with this.


  1. What data source like SharePoint, SQL or Datacerse
  2. Can you explain "Direct the user"? Do you want to navigate to another screen or Sharepoint list item?


Stalin - Learn To Illuminate

Absolutely, and thank you.   


This is SharePoint. 


I would want them to be able to click somewhere (Probably on the parent record - gray)  that would then take them to a screen that would show the details for the parent -- or for that matter in a gallery beside the returned


Hi @CindyZ 


Set the Onselect property of the button or link to

If(!IsBlank(ThisItem.ParentID),Set(varParentId, ThisItem.ParentID); ViewForm(EditForm1); Navigate(EditScreen1))


On the Edit Form Set the item property of the form to

LookUp(SPListParent, ID=varParentId)

Stalin - Learn To Illuminate


Thanks, StalinPonnusamy,  I think what I'm still  missing is how to get that child content to be a part of the search.  

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