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Advocate I
Advocate I

Filter textinputsearch and combox from gallery SharePoint list

I cant seem to filter (delegable) gallery items (from SharePoint list) from a textinputsearch and combobox(multiple select) . I am able to get the textinput code working but not together with the combobox. 



Filter('Case Management Tracker', StartsWith(Title,TextInputSearch.Text) Or

    StartsWith(field_Customer_x0020_First_x0020_Name,TextInputSearch.Text) Or

    StartsWith(field_Customer_x0020_Last_x0020_Name,TextInputSearch.Text) Or

     Filter('Case Management Tracker', field_Current_x0020_Status = ComboBox1.SelectedItems.Value)

error - incompatible types for comparison record, table


@poweractivate , 


No, it does the same thing. It doesn't make the list disappear, but i don't think it's recognizing it as text or value to filter out. The textinput options still work though. 



Let's try to pick only one item out of ComboBox and see if it works. I know you might prefer for all the items but let's start with just one. 



field_Current_x0020_Status = First(LastN(ComboBox1.SelectedItems,1)).Value


Tell me if that works. It will only work for exactly one selected item though - or if multiple are there, it will only take the last one I think.


If this works try like this:

field_Current_x0020_Status = First(LastN(ComboBox1.SelectedItems,1)).Value || field_Current_x0020_Status = First(LastN(ComboBox1.SelectedItems,2)).Value

Now it will work, but only for the last two items selected by ComboBox, not any more than that.


If you want all of them I can try and think of it - but start with above - does above work for those two scenarios?

Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Jliv,

It is so hard to solve this if you could not troubleshoot something yourself like the error says that the identifier isn't recognized. Have you check the column name? Is the field_Current_x0020_Status a real column name?


Could you please check my formula one more time to compare it with yours and find out the difference. I am sorry that I could not see the complete formula as well this time, please post the complete formula not just the error message. If one screenshot is not enough, please provide 2.

Best Regards,
Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Jliv,

Forget to confirm with you that if the field_Current_x0020_Status allows multi select in your SP list?


Best Regards,



This one cleared the gallery and gave the error- incompatible types for comparison. Record, Text




I appreciate you guys working on this! I've tried a million different ways and most times it will say incompatible types record, text. I'm stumped on where to go from here. 

@Jliv Which one is the record and which one is the Text here? Try selecting both sides






what does it say there when you highlight each one of those above?



Ok let's say this one is the Record




If that's a Record, that's the problem. Then you need to do 




 This is just a guess for now, please check on what were the types in your case.

@v-qiaqi-msft ,


I just checked it and it wasn't turned on. I wonder if that is the issue, but I tried your code again and it still shows an error.


1. code screenshot- 



2. error- 


Community Support
Community Support

Hi @Jliv,

Morning for a new day.😀

Don't worry, we will make it.


Absolutely you should enable the "Allow multi select" ON.

Could you please copy your complete formula in a Note or somewhere you could save it? Then, please copy the separated formula as below to the Items property of the Gallery.


I just need to check if the above formula works or not.

Looking forward to your test result.

Best Regards,

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