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Helper II
Helper II

Filtering a Gallery by Combo box



I've browsed many many forums looking for a solution but I'm yet to find one.

I look to filter a gallery using the results from a combo box.


I'm having two issues however. 


  1. I'm searching a SharePoint list column based on 'Office'. 

    This means that I have multiple iterations of the same value, I would like to filter this by unique values.

  2. I can't seem to actually find the correct code to filter the gallery using the combo box.


Help would be much appreciated.





Filtering by multiple selections at a time gets a lot more complex.  Now you'll have to pull the selected offices into a local collection and do a Search (rather than a Filter) to see if a record is 'in' the collection.

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One more thing. I'm still yet to bring distinct/unique values to the combo box. It's a single-text column as originally thought.




Super User
Super User


FYI, you can make more than one post the solution if you wish.  I think @Pstork1 deserves credit for at least 50% of the problem solving here Cat Happy


Did you try the suggestion of @Pstork1 and myself to see what shows in the auto-complete for the ComboBox Items property?  A video or screenshot would be excellent.



Video of the items property & returned distinct values:


 Actually, I was hoping you could show me what happens when you type up to this point in the function and see what the automcomplete suggests


Distinct('Apprentice List','Base Office'.



Ah apologies, I see. 

Attached video:





Wierd.  I must admit I am a little confused why its not working now.

No worries. 

I've just created a collection in my combo box as earlier suggested.


If you could help me with one last thing that would be golden!

Currently if no items are selected, the gallery returns blank. Do you know a fix to this?


Many thanks @mdevaney , @mdevaney  for all of your help til this point.



You could do something like this.  If IsBlank does not work try IsEmpty.


    your_code_to_filter_combobox_here )

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