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Filtering dropdown with lists choice

Hey all,


In my current project, I have two drop-downs (for this I will call them stationDD and kitDD) for a location and a kit ID. I want to set the kit drop-down to only show IDs that are marked for a cetain location as is set via lists (with the location being one of a multible choice).


I've been tinkering arond for hours trying to setup filtering to no luck. Any help is greatly appreciated

Super User
Super User

How is StationDD connected to KitDD?   Is the StationDD the location you want to filter by or does the item selected reference have the location in another column?

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I've uploaded a screenshot of my lists data behind the app. The stationDD shows all the different colours under teams, which is linked to the status of that number in the column next to it. So what I'm trying to achieve when I select team blue in stationDD it will only show the numbers (in the kitDD) which have been marked as being with team blue and not team red.

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

@Joel_Stanley You want cascading effect right.
You will select Team in first dropdown and in second dropdown only Title matching to selected team should populate?

Is it correct or something else?

If you want like this:

First Dropdown Team, Items property = Distsinct(Teams)

secodn dropdown Title , Items property = Filter(SPList, Teams=dropdown1.selected,value).Title or you can use Depend on available in Advanced setting on the left side of the powerapps editor.


Please check.


That is indeed what I'm after.


When I put in 'Distinct(Teams)' it's throwing a 'invalid number of arguments, received 1 expected 2 error code.

Then with the second box I get a 'the function filter has some invalid arguments' error (which I assume is linked to the error in the first box

Responsive Resident
Responsive Resident

@Joel_Stanley it should be 





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