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Filtering out Gallery items based on another Gallery.



I am new to PowerApps and want to know if something is possible and get a steer on how to do it...


I have an Orders table which contains orders up to 10,000 rows.  I want to show key order data in this 'Order Header Gallery' such as Order Number, Order Date, Customer number and then for the user to drill into a row and navigate to an 'Order Detail' page.  This all works fine except I have found that my gallery is limited to 500 rows.


I would therefore like to create a summary page prior to seeing the Order Header Gallery which contains one row per Year and Month, with a count of orders for each.  So something like:


Jan 2019:   350 Orders, 348 Shipped, 2 Outstanding.

Feb 2019:   260 Orders, 240 Shipped, 20 Outstanding.

Mar 2019:   400 Orders, 320 Shipped, 80 Outstanding.


I have created a simple Order_Summary view of my Orders table in SQL which provides this summarised order info.


1, How do I link the selected Year and Month from the Order Summary Gallery to that of my Order Header Gallery?  I am sure this must be possible, is there a term for such functionality or a video I can watch to help me?


2, Is there a way around the 500 row limitation?  Due to the nature of our business, I don't think we would exceed 500 orders per month, but it would be good to know that there was an option if neccessary.


Many thanks in advance.






@MarkSL As mentioned on another thread, we have identified the issue and we are actively working on a hotfix.  We will keep the thread posted as we know more.  Sorry for any inconvenience.

Update: A hotfix has been validated and is approved for deployment. Once deployed, you will need to edit your app(s) in Studio and re-publish. I will update this thread once hotfix deployment is complete.

Update: We are still working to deploy the hotfix. We encountered a technical issue which prevented us from deploying sooner. I will update this thread again once hotfix deployment is complete.

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

Hey Mark, from looking at your code I would check to make sure that the type of argument is the same, as in that SiteName and UserSite are both text values. Using the Selected/SelectedText can return a record instead of a field value so you might need to add a .SiteName or .Result (in the event you are using something like Distinct to get the list) or something like that. Example:

Set(UserSite, combo_SiteName.SelectedText.SiteName);
Set(UserLocationCode, LookUp(LoggedInUsersDetails, SiteName = UserSite)

Even if it is a single column table, PowerApps will still interpret it as a record instead of a text value. Maybe try that and see if it sorts things out?

Also, one thing with your LoggedInUsersDetail code: while it obviously works as is, you may want to use the ClearCollect function instead of Clear and then Collect. Something like this:


Set(LoggedInUserEmail, User().Email);
        UserEmail = LoggedInUserEmail

It cleans things up a bit if you don't have to expressly call Clear first. Exceptions to this would be if you are using a ForAll loop and collecting within it; then you would need to clear the collection before the ForAll loop and use Collect. 


At any rate, let me know if that previous issue is resolved by my suggestion or not. If it isn't, we'll keep at it!

Resident Rockstar
Resident Rockstar

@_Corey_, thanks again for the updates and all the work in getting the gallery issues resolved! It is appreciated!

Final update: A hotfix to address the issue has been successfully deployed. The updated Studio version is v3.19052.20.115177617. You will need to edit your app(s) in Studio and re-publish for the fix to take effect--please remember that it make take up to a few minutes for the newly published app(s) to be packaged and available to players (web or mobile). Please report any issues you experience with this update.

Once again, we are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

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