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Filtering with a Nested If statement

I am trying to create a dropbox that filters my gallery based on the custom value selected. I have 4 Options that I would like them to choose from. 

Option 1: Active Waivers

Option 2: Expired Waivers

Option 3: Waivers Expiring within 12 Months

Option 4: Active Waivers with Conditions


I am having problems getting the functionality to work. Here is my formula located in the Items part of Gallery 1: 

Filter('Waiver Master List',

If(Dropdown1.SelectedText.Value= 'Active Waivers', 'Is it Active?'= "yes", 'Waiver Master List'),

If(Dropdown1.SelectedText.Value = 'Expired Waivers', 'Waiver Expiration Date' < Today(), 'Waiver Master List'), If(Dropdown1.SelectedText.Value = 'Waivers Expiring in 12 Months', 'Waiver Expiration Date' > Today()+ 365, 'Waiver Master List'), If(Dropdown1.SelectedText.Value = 'Active Waivers w/ Conditions', Conditions= (Not(IsBlank(Conditions))) & 'Is it Active?' = 'yes', 'Waiver Master List'))


To further explain, I essentially want the dropbox to return the value that matches the if statement. For example if they select 'Active Waivers', all the items where the column 'Is it Active?' = yes should show up and if not return the full Sharepoint list and so on for each. I am not sure if I am in the right direction and would greatly appreciate some assistance. Thanks. 


This is in the items part of my dropbox: ["","Active Waivers", "Expired Waivers","Waivers Expiring in 12 Months", "Active Waivers w/ Conditions"] These are custom names not pulled from a source. 

Advocate III
Advocate III

@Anonymous  - I believe your issue lies with using SelectedText.

Change all of these values in your logic Dropdown1.SelectedText.Value  to Dropdown1.Selected.Value .


Your Gallery item logic should be written like this:

   Dropdown1.Selected.Value= 'Active Waivers',Filter('Waiver Master List', 'Is it Active?'= "yes"),
Dropdown1.Selected.Value = 'Expired Waivers',Filter('Waiver Master List', 'Waiver Expiration Date' < Today()),
Dropdown1.Selected.Value = 'Waivers Expiring in 12 Months',Filter('Waiver Master List', 'Waiver Expiration Date' > (Today()+ 365)),
Dropdown1.Selected.Value = 'Active Waivers w/ Conditions',Filter('Waiver Master List', Not(IsBlank(Conditions)) = true && 'Is it Active?' = 'yes'),
'Waiver Master List'

A Drop Down input is a good case to use a switch statement, It checks the value from one source against multiple inputs, with a default value at the end.

'Active Waivers',Filter('Waiver Master List', 'Is it Active?'= "yes"),
'Expired Waivers',Filter('Waiver Master List', 'Waiver Expiration Date' < Today()),
'Waivers Expiring in 12 Months',Filter('Waiver Master List', 'Waiver Expiration Date' > (Today()+ 365)),
'Active Waivers w/ Conditions',Filter('Waiver Master List', Not(IsBlank(Conditions)) = true && 'Is it Active?' = 'yes'),
'Waiver Master List'


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I am getting a lot of 'Name isn't valid' errors and Invalid argument types. Do you think I am getting these errors because the drop down options are custom, instead of being pulled from the SharePoint? 

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Would I put this on the dropdown item or gallery item? Either way, they both produced a lot of errors and did not work for me


When comparing text values you need to wrap the text in double quotes --> example:  "text".
Also, when referencing SharePoint column names with spaces you need to enter the correct syntax. 

For example:
If you SharePoint column name is Field 1 you would need to reference it as --> Field_x0020_1

It's good practice to not use spaces in SharePoint columns, instead use a combination of upper and lower case characters or underlines:


Your code would then be modified to the following:

   Dropdown1.Selected.Value= "Active Waivers",Filter('Waiver Master List', Is_x0020_it_x0020_Active?= "yes"),
Dropdown1.Selected.Value = "Expired Waivers",Filter('Waiver Master List', Waiver_x0020_Expiration_x0020_Date < Today()),
Dropdown1.Selected.Value = "Waivers Expiring within 12 Months",Filter('Waiver Master List', Waiver_x0020_Expiration_x0020_Date > (Today()+ 365)),
Dropdown1.Selected.Value = "Active Waivers with Conditions",Filter('Waiver Master List', Not(IsBlank(Conditions)) = true && Is_x0020_it_x0020_Active? = "yes"),
'Waiver Master List'


Also, just a note on your code - when you are using a statement like this Dropdown1.Selected.Value = "Active Waivers with Conditions" you need to make sure that the text value is exactly the same as the value in the dropdown list (case sensitive):


For Example:
This --> Dropdown1.Selected.Value = "Active Waivers w/Conditions" will result in never having a match for that condition
This --> Dropdown1.Selected.Value = "Active Waivers with Conditions" can result in a match for that condition


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Thank you, 


I changed the column names so nothing is containing spaces. However, the statements containing "WaiverExpirationDate" is giving me the error "Invalid Argument Type" expected a number value. 

The values in the excel appears as follows'8/24/2000' sharepoint list looks like the following '42089'



This appears to be a common issue between Excel and SharePoint. This post offers some suggestions on how to tackle that situation:


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