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Filters and nested if statements on SharePoint lists

So this probably simple but it's driving me crazy. 


First, by default,  when a checkbox called "CheckOldEvents" is not checked I want my gallery that is linked to an SP List called "CISCoverageCal" to filter only to list items that are >= to today based on a date field called StartTIme.

Next, I want use a series of IF Statements that will further filter the list based on 2 Drop Downs. 


This seems like a nested IF Statement but how do I first reduce the list and then allow for the second set of IF Statements (created using the great Shane Young's tutorial video) to run against the previously filtered dataset?
Here's my code: 


If(CheckOldEvents.Value = false, Filter(CISCoverageCal, StartTIme >=Today()),
//This is for All and all
drpRegion.Selected.Value = "All" && drpPrograms.Selected.Value = "All", CISCoverageCal,
//All Regions and selected Programs
drpRegion.Selected.Value = "All" && drpPrograms.Selected.Value <> "All",
Filter(CISCoverageCal, Program.Value = drpPrograms.Selected.Value ),
//Selected Regions and All Programs
drpRegion.Selected.Value <> "All" && drpPrograms.Selected.Value = "All",
Filter(CISCoverageCal, Region.Value = drpRegion.Selected.Value ),
//This is for selected Program and Region
drpRegion.Selected.Value <> "All" && drpPrograms.Selected.Value <> "All",
Filter(CISCoverageCal, Region.Value = drpRegion.Selected.Value && Program.Value= drpPrograms.Selected.Value )


Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Accepted Solutions

@zaxxon12345 Glad it works!


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Super User
Super User

@zaxxon12345 try this


If((CheckOldEvents.Value, true, = false, StartTIme >=Today()) & &

(drpRegion.Selected.Value = "All", true, Region.Value = drpRegion.Selected.Value) & &

(drpPrograms.Selected.Value = "All", true, Program.Value= drpPrograms.Selected.Value )

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Thanks for the reply! Sorry, not sure I completely follow. But your idea did jog my brain a bit. Initially, I wanted to reduce the whole data set first to only show dates from Today forward (if the CheckOldEvents box is True) and then run my drop down filters off that data set, which I can't seem to do with 2 nested IF Statements. However, it does seem possible now to just add the 3rd permutation >= Today (CheckOldEvents box is True) to each individual IF test and resulting Filter function. 

Let me know if I'm missing something here, which I probably am. 🙂 


@zaxxon12345 the formula I sent does what you wanted. Give it a try and let me know if it works. 

Super User
Super User

@zaxxon12345 Did you get a chance to try it out 🤔?


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Thanks for checking back. I can't get it to work. But it's probably just me and my weak formula skills. 😉 

@zaxxon12345 Could you please share a screen shot.

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Screen Shot 2021-06-03 at 7.48.19 AM.png

@zaxxon12345 Please try this,


If((CheckOldEvents.Value=true, true, StartTIme >=Today()) & &
(drpRegion.Selected.Value = "All", true, Region.Value = drpRegion.Selected.Value) & &
(drpPrograms.Selected.Value = "All", true, Program.Value= drpPrograms.Selected.Value )


Frequent Visitor

Thanks again for the help. I ended up reconfiguring the formula and controls a bit. I had the checkbox update a collection that fed the dropdown rather than using a boolean. In the end this is what I got to work: 

IsEmpty(drpRegion.Selected.Value) || IsBlank(drpRegion.Selected.Value) || Region.Value = drpRegion.Selected.Value,
IsEmpty(drpPrograms.Selected.Value) || IsBlank(drpPrograms.Selected.Value) || Program.Value = drpPrograms.Selected.Value,
IsEmpty(drpCoverFilter.Selected.Value) || IsBlank(drpCoverFilter.Selected.Value) || Status.Value = drpCoverFilter.Selected.Value


Thanks again! 

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