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Finding out a queue position


I have a sharepoint list which has a list of fleet vehicles which we issue jobs to and a powerapp that controls this.  When a job is issued to a vehicle that vehicle is then moved to the last place in the queue and starts to move back up as jobs are issued to other vehicles.  This all works very well and I am extremely happy with how the powerapp controls all of this, however...

We have drivers ringing in and asking where there vehicle is on the job list and it is a real struggle to search through the list and count where they are to find their queue position as we have over 200 vehicles.

Is there a way I can use a lookup function (or something similar) so that i can enter the vehicles reg and it will return the sharepoint row number? I know there is the ID function but the row position will continually change as jobs are issued to vehicles on the list.


Thanks in advance


The formula is exactly what you need. Can you provide a sample table so I can send you a screenshot after I do it.

You can provide typical example like if I select A then 123 should appear from your table

Its literally a list which has 3 columns.  MDT is the vehicle unique number, the LastRota is the date that vehicle was issued a job and there is another column which has the vehicles reg no.  The table is sorted by LastRota so the longest waiting vehicle is at the top I literally just want to lookup the MDT or the Reg No somehow and return what row it is in.  For example MDT 9 is in row 1   MDT 194 is in Row 3 etc etc but I need these row numbers to update so that when vehicle 9 has been given a job and is then last on the list I need the row number to change to row 200 (or whatever it becomes)

@Station1901 ,

Not sure who you are answering with some of this - three-way conversations never really work. I am in a different time zone (6:40am Wednesday morning here).

Happy to keep helping if you - tag me with any concerns on my direction if you want to go that way.

Thankyou @WarrenBelz , I think I may be trying to over complicate things here.  I can get the gallery to show the list in order (thankyou) but I need some way of finding out which position they are in that Gallery to save the user counting down the whole list - any ideas?

@Station1901 ,

Yes - I proved that (or at least my idea on it) in my earlier post - I will put it below again.

As the numbers will be sequential, you can find the position with the Min() or Max() functions. Note that this is not Delegable, but 200 vehicles will be OK. So the position is 

ThisItem.PriorityNo - Min(Carlist,PriorityNo)

This shows how far up the queue it is - OR

Max(Carlist,PriorityNo) - ThisItem.PriorityNo

how far from the top.


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@WarrenBelz Thankyou, the Min function works now and I can now display the queue position

Hi @WarrenBelz ,

Sorry to bother you again.  The solution you have given me is brilliant but I need to know how I can constantly update the list each time there is a new job issued.  Could I use a Patch function to add 190 to the PriorityNo?



@Station1901 ,

Due to timezone I will pick this up in the morning

@Station1901 ,

Sorry missed my note yesterday.

What exactly are you trying to do with the 190?

Hi @WarrenBelz ,

Apologies,I was away from the office yesterday.  I am trying to get the PriorityNo to increase each time a job is given to a vehicle using a patch command. We currently have 190 vehicles on the fleet so I thought I could achieve this by adding 190 to the existing figure, this of course didn't work.  Do you have an idea of how I will be able to achieve this?



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