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First Item of Gallery Not Being Shown / Empty

When loading items from a gallery, the first item in the list is often empty. An entry in the list does exist for it, it's simply blank / the fields are not being shown. Sometimes, items only load partially (some fields for an item are shown, other fields for that same item are blank). I have confirmed there is in fact data to be shown; I suspect it's a rendering issue.


Is this a known issue/bug? If so, when will this be fixed? If not, what can I do to ensure proper rendering? I can't have users see an empty item, it completely prevents them from working with the app.

Super User
Super User

Is the datasource sharepoint or a local collection? I do find on occasion some loading issues if your gallery source is online, depending on the quality of your network or internet, the building you are in vs where signal is coming from, wall thickness etc any number of things can affect the signal quality. In areas where I have apps being used that have signal issues I collect the source to a local collection so my galleries show that, then when edits are made I will update the online datasource and refresh then clearcollect the source into a collection again.

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Wouldn't that be a rework? The application comes to optimize time. Doing so can generate a lot of wasted time.


Faster option will be based on your network connection, for some people fetching a collection on opening of app and working off of that until they are done is quicker than relying on your network connection for a live edit. There is one specific location where I work where apps there have to have a button to switch into offline mode because the network is so bad. So since their issue was intermittent I am simply suggesting they should also look at their network where they are testing the app to see if it could be cause data loss in the live view 🙂

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Advocate I
Advocate I

I've had this same problem for at least 2-3 years. If you look through some of these forums, you will find many complaints in regard to this issue. Some claim that the problem has been resolved, but that was several years ago, and it has never been fixed.


I had a job ticket on this issue earlier this year (and late last year). They could not reproduce the issue. Apparently, things work fine for small document libraries, not for large ones. Eventually, I was told there was a fix coming to address this very issue (but they did not determine if this "fix" was actually my specific problem). They asked for permission to archive the job ticket for this "fix". After the time spent on the phone and tracking down the specifics of the problem (not my job!), I was disgusted. 


I highly doubt this problem will ever be resolved. The best workaround is to use something other than Powerapps.

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