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ForAll Gallery Items to new Sharepoint list

Hi there,

For a student attendance app, i am loading the students details from a share point list using gallery. Basically all the student will be by default made present for all the 4 checkpoints. In case any of the student is absent for any checkpoint, only it will be unchecked.

All these records including students who checked and unchecked, i would like to store them in a new share point list.

I read some blogs and video, but not able to achieve what i am looking for. Could any one please help me.




All the student details comes from the master share point list. Class teacher have an option to uncheck the timeslots if the student is absent. So now my goals is to store the record that is edited and record that is not edited. Basically all the gallery items would need to move to the new sharepoint list.


Please help.


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Posting better image.

Screenshot from 2021-11-27 12-28-48.png

Hi @venka91 ,'

Assuming your field '5:30 AM' is a Yes/No field in the list SAL_DAILY, try this

   Galleryl.Allltems As aPatch, 


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Thank you. this is worked. But i have come across one more challenge. Since i am storing the gallery result items to new share point list, when i want to reload the data in gallery , i want to display these time slot values from the new share point where my gallery results are stored.


Is this possible ?

Example, on the below image, my time slot values should be showing the values that are stored in the record from gallery results share point list.


i had a bit idea, i will store the gallery result share point list into collection. and then display values to time slot from the collection.

But i don't know how do i pull each record and its corresponding values from collection so, the checkbox shows the values.

Screenshot from 2021-11-27 14-59-50.png

Hi @venka91 ,

What are the current Items of the gallery?

It is coming from my master student data share point list. All our Students data we are maintaining in master_data sharepoint list. I added 6 checkboxes for attendance time slot and as i said before, saving these values into a new share point list called stu_daily.


Class monitor, logs into application on time slot intervals, and check / uncheck values and submit the results. So i wanted to show the checkbox values from my stu_daily share point list,.


Also since i am using patch without any condition, i do not know how do i avoid duplicate record, when the class monitor submit the record again and again for each time slot.

Hi @venka91 ,

Can you please post the Items property of the gallery in Text.

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Filter as follows :

Set(varcampus, ddcampus.Selected.Value); Set(varClass,ddclass.Selected.Value);


And in gallery Item Property:

Filter(SAL, campus.Value = varcampus && class.Value = varClass)


SAL is my master_student data share point list.


Hi @venka91 ,

You are patching to SAL_DAILY, but your gallery is filtered on SAL (so it will not show any updates). You need to also Patch to SAL if you want the updates to be displayed. Are these both lists or is one a collection? Also you are patching to update a specific record, so will not have duplicates (or are these new records)?


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SAL and SAL_DAILY are lists. 

SAL_DAILY will have new records as the attendance needs to be captured everyday.


This is where I am confused how do I make new records and also display the values for existing records.


SAL is used only to pull the list of students from list. So I can generate atteandance and save them as new records in another list as I need the data for everyday. 


No idea I have got so far in what other way I can do it. Pls guide me if you have new ideas on doing this and pls assist me.

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