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Form Datafield Person to User Data

I have a Powerapp linked to a Sharepoint list. It's really basic. It's for users to submit praise for a colleague. They select them from a Person field and write their comments in a Multi Line Text field and submit to the List.


When a user selects the Person they're nominating - I want to store the selected person and retrieve (from O365 User Directory) their Manager, e-mail address etc.


It must be simple... but can't crack it!

Helper I
Helper I

That should be simple enough.

I'm going to assume a scenario where

  • we pick people from a combobox lets call that combobox "cbox_PeoplePicker"
  • we enter the comments in a whatever type you please and call that "inp_Comments"
  • we call the SP list "list_praise" and it will have the following columns
    • Employee
    • Manager
    • Comments
    • Title (because we simply have to have that)
  • we have a button to submit called "btn_Submit"


The only thing needed is this code on that submit button



Patch(list_praise, Defaults(list_praise),
    Title: "Praise Given",
    Employee:   {'@odata.type': "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference", Claims: "i:0#.f|membership|" & cbox_PeoplePicker.Selected.mail,
                Department: "",
                DisplayName: "",
                Email: cbox_PeoplePicker.Selected.mail,
                JobTitle: "",
                Picture: ""},

    Manager:    {'@odata.type': "#Microsoft.Azure.Connectors.SharePoint.SPListExpandedReference", Claims: "i:0#.f|membership|" & 
                Department: "",
                DisplayName: "",
                Email: Office365Users.ManagerV2(cbox_PeoplePicker.Selected.mail).mail
                JobTitle: "",
                Picture: ""},
    Comments:   inp_Comments.Text

    //; code to reset some of your input fields



Alter this scenario to whatever your inputs are called and you should be good to go!


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