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Formula Bar suggestio



Hi guys

I do like the ability of the Formula bar, but noticed that we lost the ability to resize the formula drop down like you could without this feature, which means the new formula bar, stretches over many useful information I need while editing the screen. (you can resize the bar without this feature..  Can we have it resizable as well please?




Community Champion
Community Champion



Are you referring to this? "Enhanced formula bar"?




If you are:

Also notice the warning at the top of that same App Settings page of each app:


These features might change, break, or disappear at any time.

In other words - you have any of those switches on for a Power App, at your own risk. For maximum safety, leave all those switches off if possible. If you do not even really like the feature much in its current state (let alone "need" it for a specific use case), you probably should turn it off then unless you really "need" it for something specific.


You should ideally only use that feature if you really "need" it. In some cases, the feature may indeed be really needed - some of those experimental flags are helpful for some specific cases, and there are other flags that also depend on this specific flag like Dynamic Schema. However, also do heed the official warning that "These features might change, break, or disappear at any time" - as long as you can guarantee that if it breaks anytime it is OK, then feel free to use those switches. In all apps we use these switches on, the caveat   "if it breaks tomorrow it is OK" applies to those specific apps we do this on and we are OK with it.


In our case, no production Power App with those switches on ever actually broke, at any time and for any reason, despite the warning - but you are still to heed caution anyway and not take this statement as some sort of official guarantee of any kind.


In our experience, these flags do not ever break for us in a way that would cause a single existing Power App, Custom Connector, or any other component, to malfunction or go down, not even one time - but it is obviously something that we can not guarantee to you regardless of our very positive experience with this over the life-cycle of Power Apps and Power Platform, particularly for features that Microsoft placed this warning on - note that Microsoft put that warning there for a reason.


In our experience, we have had no problem with that switch on, and it is absolutely required for certain things like "Dynamic Schema" and possibly other features that may be impossible to achieve without using one or more experimental switches set to "On". Still - please carefully consider and weigh the risks before setting any of these to "On".


If you really do not like it, and especially in light of it being an experimental feature at that (which means you should not only "like" it, but actually that you also "cannot really do without it")  - you should just turn it off then.

If you really want the experimental feature like that as you said with the resizing, please consider as follows:


1) Go here:

2) Check if a similar idea is there, if so, go ahead and upvote it. These ideas may be considered for updates to the product.

3) if it is not there, go ahead and create a brand new idea, then you could see how many votes it gets. 


Because the feature is currently in experimental state, this very specific nuance you brought up may be one reason it is still in experimental state. Sometimes it is even minor things like that which determine whether it is still marked as in the experimental state or not (note - we do not want you to take our speculation as us telling you that it is experimental because of this one thing, this is only our speculation - it may or may not be because of this one thing, and whether it is or not because of this one thing, it is most likely among some other very important things as well)


If you were not referring to that feature in your post:


if you were not referring to "Enhanced formula bar" then we would want some clarification what you were actually referring to.


Check if the above helps @3ation 

Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi @poweractivate , Yes this is the feature, It is extremely helpful, I am referring to the Expand Formula Bar. This is either full screen or nothing... I would love to see it as the Normal formula bar, without this feature, where you can adjust the size of the formula bar... Thanks


Hi @3ation ,

Is this what you are referring to (grab bottom and pull down)



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Hi @3ation ,

Just checking if you got the result you were looking for on this thread. Happy to help further if not.

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Resolver I
Resolver I

Hi @WarrenBelz , Yes that is the feature, but the ability to size the box, is lost if you switch on the Enhanced formula bar... 


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