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Level 8

Formula input line stuck showing wrong grayed-out property in PowerApps Studio?

Please be so kind as to read my full post before responding.
Thank you for your consideration.

When editing some of my (complex) PowerApps, PowerApps Studio seems to get stuck, while doing an automatic save.

I can still select controls, or change screens, but trying to select different (not all) properties only yields a grayed-out formula input showing the wrong property.
Trying a manual save also yields "Saving ..." but no usual "Saving overlay/popup".
In summary, the GUI of PowerApps seems to still somehow alive, but editing seems to be, for all intents and purposes, dead.

I have tried to wait up to a maximum of maybe one hour (with apparently nothing happening, several times).
I even have one extreme case:
One of my PowerApps (admittedly an unfinished, not working PowerApp, around 280 errors left in the App Checker) goes into "nothing-seems-to-happening-while-doing-automatic-save-mode" as first thing after loading the PowerApp into the studio, every single time.
Thus, I currently am unable to finish working on this particular PowerApp (unless I re-start from an earlier save that doesn't automatically go into saving mode, and I would have to find it in my (auto-) save history first).

One recent session with this bug (auto-save practically immediateyl after loading a PowerApp), info copied from Diagnostics, session details:
Session ID: 65f7c777-468a-4823-9a0e-06789dfea55f
PowerApps 3.19042.26

For now, I am trying to work with an earlier save and disabling the automatic saves every two minutes.

My questions:

  1. Should I just wait for PowerApps Studio to finish whatever it is (supposed to be?) doing?
  2. Is there a reasonble time after which I should just give up on my current editing session and restart from an earlier save point?
  3. Is (automatic) saving in PowerApps guaranteed to terminate after finite time?
  4. Is it actually possible for saving (or something that happens while or before doing that) to get stuck in some sort of endless loop?


Level 8

Re: PowerApps frozen/idle/getting stuck while doing automatic saving?

Just tried opening same unfinished PowerApp (that led to frozen auto-save almost directly after loading) with auto-save every two minutes disabled.
I still get the same problem with the incorrect grayed-out/disabled property shown.
And, still, nothing seems to be happening.
The GUI of PowerApps Studio still seems to be alive, but editing this PowerApp is dead as far as I can tell.
I don't know if and what is happening in the background that I can't see.

Session ID: c20946ac-7b2a-4822-a588-105a9bac62ac
PowerApps 3.19042.26

Same questions though:

  1. Do I just have to wait?
  2. Or can I safely assume that I have to trash the current session after a certain amount of time?
Community Support Team
Community Support Team

Re: PowerApps frozen/idle/getting stuck while doing automatic saving?

Hi @SaWu ,


Do you try to clear cookies and cache or test with another browser to test?

If the issue is also exists,please don't hesitate to


Best Regards.


Level 8

Re: PowerApps frozen/idle/getting stuck while doing automatic saving?

Yes, tried with Chrome, Opera, Firefox, all with caches cleared.
A new development is that now sometimes the browser even seems to hang when that loading PowerApp popup shows up in the beginning.

Level 8

Re: PowerApps frozen/idle/getting stuck while doing automatic saving?

Currently still stuck with "Please wait", seemingly forever

2019-05-03 10_17_32-PowerFair_Dev - Saving ... - PowerApps.png

Level: Powered On

Re: PowerApps frozen/idle/getting stuck while doing automatic saving?

Did you get a response or solve this issue?


Level 8

Re: PowerApps frozen/idle/getting stuck while doing automatic saving?

Hi @jjjn 

No I did not get a response to this.
I did not check the App from my original report again.
By now, I have (had to move on and) re-created my App from Scratch as literal work-around of the problem.

Good luck with getting more useful support!

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